BindPoint class

A BindPoint is usually created on an object’s property, some property types contains multiple component fields(like a Vector3 field), BindPoint will generate channel for each component field and connects the field to one or more keyframe sequence instance(s) through the channels.

public class BindPoint : A3DObject


BindPoint(Scene, Property)Initializes a new instance of the BindPoint class.


ChannelsCount { get; }Gets the total number of property channels defined in this animation curve mapping.
Item { get; }
virtual Name { get; set; }Gets or sets the name.
Properties { get; }Gets the collection of all properties.
Property { get; }Gets the property associated with the CurveMapping


AddChannel(string, object)Adds the specified channel property.
AddChannel(string, Type, object)Adds the specified channel property.
AddChannel<T>(string, T)
BindKeyframeSequence(string, KeyframeSequence)Bind the keyframe sequence to specified channel
CreateKeyframeSequence(string)Creates a new curve and connects it to the first channel of the curve mapping
FindProperty(string)Finds the property. It can be a dynamic property (Created by CreateDynamicProperty/SetProperty) or native property(Identified by its name)
GetChannel(string)Gets channel by given name
GetKeyframeSequence(string)Gets the first keyframe sequence in specified channel
GetKeyframeSequences(string)Gets all keyframe sequences in specified channel
GetProperty(string)Get the value of specified property
RemoveProperty(Property)Removes a dynamic property.
RemoveProperty(string)Remove the specified property identified by name
ResetChannels()Empties the property channels of this animation curve mapping.
SetProperty(string, object)Sets the value of specified property
override ToString()Formats object to string

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