IO related customization are defined in this namespace.


Class Description
A3dwSaveOptions Save options for A3DW format.
AmfSaveOptions Save options for AMF
ColladaSaveOptions Save options for collada
Discreet3dsLoadOptions Load options for 3DS file.
Discreet3dsSaveOptions Save options for 3DS file.
DracoFormat Google Draco format
DracoSaveOptions Save options for Google draco files
FbxLoadOptions Load options for Fbx format.
FbxSaveOptions Save options for Fbx file.
FileSystemFactory SaveOptions and LoadOptions will create a LocalFileSystem for default. This can be a security issue in server environment. Use your own FileSystemFactory to FileSystemFactory to improve server side security.
GltfLoadOptions Load options for glTF format
GltfSaveOptions Save options for glTF format.
Html5SaveOptions Save options for HTML5
IOConfig IO config for serialization/deserialization. User can specify detailed configurations like dependency look-up path Or format-related configs here
LoadOptions The base class to configure options in file loading for different types
MaterialConverter Custom converter to convert the geometry’s original material to GLTF’s PBR material.
ObjLoadOptions Load options for wavefront obj
ObjSaveOptions Save options for wavefront obj file
PdfFormat Adobe’s Portable Document Format
PdfLoadOptions Options for PDF loading
PdfSaveOptions The save options in PDF exporting.
PlyFormat The PLY format.
PlyLoadOptions Load options for PLY files
PlySaveOptions Save options for exporting scene as PLY file.
RvmFormat The RVM Format
RvmLoadOptions Load options for AVEVA Plant Design Management System’s RVM file.
RvmSaveOptions Save options for Aveva PDMS RVM file.
SaveOptions The base class to configure options in file saving for different types
StlLoadOptions Load options for STL
StlSaveOptions Save options for STL
U3dLoadOptions Load options for universal 3d
U3dSaveOptions Save options for universal 3d
UsdSaveOptions Save options for USD/USDZ formats.
XLoadOptions The Load options for DirectX X files.


Enumeration Description
ColladaTransformStyle The node’s transformation style of node
DracoCompressionLevel Compression level for draco file
GltfEmbeddedImageFormat How glTF exporter will embed the textures during the exporting.
PdfLightingScheme LightingScheme specifies the lighting to apply to 3D artwork.
PdfRenderMode Render mode specifies the style in which the 3D artwork is rendered.