IO related customization are defined in this namespace.


A3dwSaveOptionsSave options for A3DW format.
AmfSaveOptionsSave options for AMF
ColladaSaveOptionsSave options for collada
Discreet3dsLoadOptionsLoad options for 3DS file.
Discreet3dsSaveOptionsSave options for 3DS file.
DracoFormatGoogle Draco format
DracoSaveOptionsSave options for Google draco files
FbxLoadOptionsLoad options for Fbx format.
FbxSaveOptionsSave options for Fbx file.
FileSystemFactorySaveOptions and LoadOptions will create a LocalFileSystem for default. This can be a security issue in server environment. Use your own FileSystemFactory to FileSystemFactory to improve server side security.
GltfLoadOptionsLoad options for glTF format
GltfSaveOptionsSave options for glTF format.
Html5SaveOptionsSave options for HTML5
IOConfigIO config for serialization/deserialization. User can specify detailed configurations like dependency look-up path Or format-related configs here
LoadOptionsThe base class to configure options in file loading for different types
MaterialConverterCustom converter to convert the geometry’s original material to GLTF’s PBR material.
ObjLoadOptionsLoad options for wavefront obj
ObjSaveOptionsSave options for wavefront obj file
PdfFormatAdobe’s Portable Document Format
PdfLoadOptionsOptions for PDF loading
PdfSaveOptionsThe save options in PDF exporting.
PlyFormatThe PLY format.
PlyLoadOptionsLoad options for PLY files
PlySaveOptionsSave options for exporting scene as PLY file.
RvmFormatThe RVM Format
RvmLoadOptionsLoad options for AVEVA Plant Design Management System’s RVM file.
RvmSaveOptionsSave options for Aveva PDMS RVM file.
SaveOptionsThe base class to configure options in file saving for different types
StlLoadOptionsLoad options for STL
StlSaveOptionsSave options for STL
U3dLoadOptionsLoad options for universal 3d
U3dSaveOptionsSave options for universal 3d
UsdSaveOptionsSave options for USD/USDZ formats.
XLoadOptionsThe Load options for DirectX X files.


ColladaTransformStyleThe node’s transformation style of node
DracoCompressionLevelCompression level for draco file
GltfEmbeddedImageFormatHow glTF exporter will embed the textures during the exporting.
PdfLightingSchemeLightingScheme specifies the lighting to apply to 3D artwork.
PdfRenderModeRender mode specifies the style in which the 3D artwork is rendered.