Class Discreet3dsLoadOptions

Discreet3dsLoadOptions class

Load options for 3DS file.

public class Discreet3dsLoadOptions : LoadOptions


Discreet3dsLoadOptions()Constructor of Discreet3dsLoadOptions


ApplyAnimationTransform { get; set; }Gets or sets whether to use the transformation defined in the first frame of animation track.
Encoding { get; set; }Gets or sets the default encoding for text-based files. Default value is null which means the importer/exporter will decide which encoding to use.(Inherited from IOConfig.)
FileFormat { get; }Gets the file format that specified in current Save/Load option.(Inherited from IOConfig.)
FileName { get; set; }The file name of the exporting/importing scene. This is optional, but useful when serialize external assets like OBJ’s material.(Inherited from IOConfig.)
FileSystem { get; set; }Allow user to handle how to manage the external dependencies during load/save.(Inherited from IOConfig.)
FlipCoordinateSystem { get; set; }Gets or sets flip coordinate system of control points/normal during importing/exporting.
GammaCorrectedColor { get; set; }A 3ds file may contains original color and gamma corrected color for same attribute, Setting this to true will use the gamma corrected color if possible, otherwise the Aspose.3D will try to use the original color.
LookupPaths { get; set; }Some files like OBJ depends on external file, the lookup paths will allows Aspose.3D to look for external file to load.(Inherited from IOConfig.)

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