Class IOConfig

IOConfig class

IO config for serialization/deserialization. User can specify detailed configurations like dependency look-up path Or format-related configs here

public class IOConfig


Encoding { get; set; }Gets or sets the default encoding for text-based files. Default value is null which means the importer/exporter will decide which encoding to use.
FileFormat { get; }Gets the file format that specified in current Save/Load option.
FileName { get; set; }The file name of the exporting/importing scene. This is optional, but useful when serialize external assets like OBJ’s material.
FileSystem { get; set; }Allow user to handle how to manage the external dependencies during load/save.
LookupPaths { get; set; }Some files like OBJ depends on external file, the lookup paths will allows Aspose.3D to look for external file to load.
static FileSystemFactory { get; set; }Gets or sets the factory class for FileSystem. The default factory will create LocalFileSystem which is not suitable for server environment.

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