MemoryFileSystem class

The MemoryFileSystem will maps the read/write operations to memory.

public class MemoryFileSystem : FileSystem


MemoryFileSystem()The default constructor.


FileNames { get; }File names that in this memory file system.


virtual Dispose()Dispose the File system and release its resources.
GetFileContent(string)Returns the raw content of the specified file. Throw FileNotFoundException if the specified file is not existing.
override ReadFile(string, IOConfig)Create a stream for reading dependencies.
override WriteFile(string, IOConfig)Create a stream for writing dependencies.


The following code shows how to export file to memory, includes the dependent file by using MemoryFileSystem.

//create a scene with material
Scene scene = new Scene();
scene.RootNode.CreateChildNode(new Box()).Material = new LambertMaterial();
//create a save option and specify the file system, so the dependent file will be written to memory
var opt = FileFormat.WavefrontOBJ.CreateSaveOptions();
var mfs = new MemoryFileSystem();
opt.FileSystem = mfs;
//obj's material file name is associated with the obj's file name, so we need a explicit name.
opt.FileName = "test.obj";
using (var ms = new MemoryStream())
    scene.Save(ms, opt);
//the test.obj was written to variable ms, and we can also get the test.mtl file content by
var materialFile = mfs.GetFileContent("test.mtl");

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