ZipArchiveFileSystem class

File system to provide to the read-only access to speicified zip file or zip stream. File system will be disposed after the open/save operation.

public class ZipArchiveFileSystem : FileSystem


ZipArchiveFileSystem(Stream)Construct a ZipArchiveFileSystem through a stream.
ZipArchiveFileSystem(string)Construct a ZipArchiveFileSystem through a file name.
ZipArchiveFileSystem(Stream, string)Construct a ZipArchiveFileSystem through a stream.


override Dispose()Dispose the ZipArchiveFileSystem and release its internal resources.
override ReadFile(string, IOConfig)Open file for reading
override WriteFile(string, IOConfig)Open file for writing, not implemented in this class.


The following code shows how to import file, and provide dependent files in a zip archive file.

var inputFile = "input.fbx";
var format = FileFormat.Detect(inputFile);
//create a load options instance and specify a zip file system
var opt = format.CreateLoadOptions();
opt.FileSystem = new ZipArchiveFileSystem("");
//load the file
var scene = Scene.FromFile(inputFile, opt);

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