This package contains tools for 1D/2D barcode recognition.


Class Description
AustraliaPostSettings AustraliaPost decoding parameters.
BarCodeConfidence Contains recognition confidence level
BarCodeExtendedParameters Stores extended parameters of recognized barcode
BarCodeReader BarCodeReader encapsulates an image which may contain one or several barcodes, it then can perform ReadBarCodes operation to detect barcodes.
BarCodeRecognitionException General exception thrown by BarCodeReader, inherited from BarCodeException
BarCodeRegionParameters Represents the recognized barcode’s region and barcode angle
BarCodeResult Stores recognized barcode data like SingleDecodeType type, string codetext, BarCodeRegionParameters region and other parameters
BarcodeSettings The main BarCode decoding parameters.
BarcodeSvmDetectorSettings Barcode detector settings.
BaseDecodeType Base class for MultyDecodeType and SingleDecodeType.
BaseExtendedParameters Basic class for extended parameters of recognized barcode storing
Code128DataPortion Contains the data of subtype for Code128 type barcode
Code128ExtendedParameters Stores special data of Code128 recognized barcode
Code128SubType Contains types of Code128 subset
DataBarExtendedParameters Stores a DataBar additional information of recognized barcode BarCodeReader reader = new BarCodeReader(“test.png”, DecodeType.DATABAR_OMNI_DIRECTIONAL); for(BarCodeResult result : reader.readBarCodes()) System.out.println(“BarCode Type: " + result.getCodeTypeName()); System.out.println(“BarCode CodeText: " + result.getCodeText()); System.out.println(“QR Structured Append Quantity: " + result.getExtended().getQR().getQRStructuredAppendModeBarCodesQuantity());
DecodeType Specify the type of barcode to read.
DotCodeExtendedParameters Stores special data of DotCode recognized barcode
MaxiCodeExtendedParameters Stores a MaxiCode additional information of recognized barcode
MultyDecodeType Composite decode type.
OneDExtendedParameters Stores special data of 1D recognized barcode like separate codetext and checksum
Pdf417ExtendedParameters Stores a MacroPdf417 metadata information of recognized barcode
ProcessorSettings ProcessorSettings allow to recognize barcodes with multi-threaded increasing of performance
QRExtendedParameters Stores a QR Structured Append information of recognized barcode
Quadrangle Stores a set of four Point s that represent a Quadrangle region.
QualitySettings QualitySettings allows to configure recognition quality and speed manually.
RecognitionAbortedException Represents recognition abort exception which is thrown in timeout exceeding during recognition with BarCodeReader.
SingleDecodeType Single decode type.


Interface Description
AustraliaPostCustomerInformationDecoder Public interface for Customer Information Field decoding which is used in AustraliaPost symbology.


Enum Description
CustomerInformationInterpretingType Defines the interpreting type(C_TABLE or N_TABLE) of customer information for AustralianPost BarCode.
ImageScalingMode Specify the size of scaled image