This package contains tools for generating barcode.


Class Description
AustralianPostParameters AustralianPost barcode parameters.
AztecParameters Aztec parameters.
BarcodeGenerator BarcodeGenerator for backend barcode images generation.
BarcodeParameters Barcode generation parameters.
BaseEncodeType Base class for SymbologyEncodeType.
BaseGenerationParameters Barcode image generation parameters.
BorderParameters Barcode image border parameters
CaptionParameters Caption parameters.
CodabarParameters Codabar parameters.
CodabarSymbol Specifies the start or stop symbol of the Codabar barcode specification.
CodablockParameters Codablock parameters.
Code16KParameters Code16K parameters.
CodetextParameters Codetext parameters.
CouponParameters Coupon parameters.
DataBarParameters Databar parameters.
DataMatrixParameters DataMatrix parameters.
DotCodeParameters DotCode parameters.
ECIEncodings Extended Channel Interpretation Identifiers.
EncodeTypes Specifies the type of barcode to encode.
ExtCodetextBuilder Helper class for automatic codetext generation of the Extended Codetext Mode
FontStyle Specifies style information applied to text.
FontUnit Defines a particular format for text, including font face, size, and style attributes where size in Unit value property.
ITFParameters ITF parameters.
MaxiCodeExtCodetextBuilder Extended codetext generator for MaxiCode barcodes for ExtendedCodetext Mode of MaxiCodeEncodeMode Use TwoDDisplayText property of BarcodeGenerator to set visible text to removing managing characters.
MaxiCodeMode Encoding mode for MaxiCode barcodes.
MaxiCodeParameters MaxiCode parameters.
Padding Paddings parameters.
PatchCodeParameters PatchCode parameters.
Pdf417Parameters PDF417 parameters.
PostalParameters Postal parameters.
QrExtCodetextBuilder Extended codetext generator for 2D QR barcodes for ExtendedCodetext Mode of QrEncodeMode Use TwoDDisplayText property of BarcodeGenerator to set visible text to removing managing characters.
QrParameters QR parameters.
QrStructuredAppendParameters QR structured append parameters.
SupplementParameters Supplement parameters.
SymbologyEncodeType Symbology encode type.
TextMeasurer Represents text measurer.
Unit Specifies the size value in different units (Pixel, Inches, etc.).


Interface Description


Enum Description
AutoSizeMode Specifies the different types of automatic sizing modes.
AztecSymbolMode Specifies the Aztec symbol mode.
BarCodeImageFormat Specifies the file format of the image.
BarcodeClassifications EncodeTypes classification
BorderDashStyle Specifies the style of dashed border lines.
CodabarChecksumMode Specifies the checksum algorithm for Codabar
Code128Emulation Function codewords for Code 128 emulation.
CodeLocation Codetext location
DataMatrixEccType Specify the type of the ECC to encode.
DataMatrixEncodeMode DataMatrix encoder’s encoding mode, default to AUTO
DotCodeEncodeMode Encoding mode for DotCode barcodes.
EnableChecksum Enable checksum during generation for 1D barcodes.
FontMode Font size mode.
GraphicsUnit Specifies the unit of measure for the given data.
ITF14BorderType ITF14 barcode’s border type
MaxiCodeEncodeMode Encoding mode for MaxiCode barcodes.
PatchFormat PatchCode format.
Pdf417CompactionMode Pdf417 barcode’s compation mode
Pdf417ErrorLevel pdf417 barcode’s error correction level, from level 0 to level 9, level 0 means no error correction, level 9 means best error correction
Pdf417MacroTerminator Used to tell the encoder whether to add Macro PDF417 Terminator (codeword 922) to the segment.
QREncodeMode Encoding mode for QR barcodes.
QREncodeType QR / MicroQR selector mode.
QRErrorLevel Level of Reed-Solomon error correction.
QRVersion Version of QR Code.
TextAlignment Text alignment.