System::Xml::Xsl Namespace Reference




class  Details_XsltCompileException
 The exception that is thrown by the Load method when an error is found in the XSLT style sheet. More...
class  Details_XsltException
 The exception that is thrown when an error occurs while processing an XSLT transformation. More...
class  IXsltContextFunction
class  IXsltContextVariable
 Provides an interface to a given variable that is defined in the style sheet during runtime execution. More...
class  XslCompiledTransform
class  XsltArgumentList
class  XsltContext
class  XsltMessageEncounteredEventArgs
 Provides data for the XsltArgumentList::XsltMessageEncountered event. More...
class  XslTransform
class  XsltSettings


using XsltMessageEncounteredEventHandler = System::MulticastDelegate< void(SharedPtr< Object >, SharedPtr< XsltMessageEncounteredEventArgs >)>
using XsltException = System::ExceptionWrapper< Details_XsltException >

Typedef Documentation

◆ XsltException

◆ XsltMessageEncounteredEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the XsltArgumentList::XsltMessageEncountered event.

senderThe source of the event.
eThe XsltMessageEncounteredEventArgs containing the event data.