The Aspose.BarCode.BarCodeRecognition contains tools for the 1D/2D barcodes recognition.


AustraliaPostSettingsAustraliaPost decoding parameters. Contains parameters which make influence on recognized data of AustraliaPost symbology.
AztecExtendedParametersStores special data of Aztec recognized barcode
BarCodeExtendedParametersStores extended parameters of recognized barcode
BarCodeReaderBarCodeReader encapsulates an image which may contain one or several barcodes, it then can perform ReadBarCodes operation to detect barcodes.
BarCodeRecognitionExceptionGeneral exception thrown by BarCodeReader, inherited from BarCodeException
BarCodeRegionParametersRepresents the recognized barcode’s region and barcode angle
BarCodeResultStores recognized barcode data like SingleDecodeType type, String codetext, BarCodeRegionParameters region and other parameters
BarcodeSettingsThe main BarCode decoding parameters. Contains parameters which make influence on recognized data.
BaseDecodeTypeBase class for MultyDecodeType and SingleDecodeType.
BaseExtendedParametersBasic class for extended parameters of recognized barcode storing
Code128DataPortionContains the data of subtype for Code128 type barcode
Code128ExtendedParametersStores special data of Code128 recognized barcode
DataBarExtendedParametersStores a DataBar additional information of recognized barcode
DataMatrixExtendedParametersStores special data of DataMatrix recognized barcode
DecodeTypeSpecify the type of barcode to read.
DotCodeExtendedParametersStores special data of DotCode recognized barcode
GS1CompositeBarExtendedParametersStores special data of GS1 Composite Bar recognized barcode
MaxiCodeExtendedParametersStores a MaxiCode additional information of recognized barcode
MultyDecodeTypeComposite decode type.
OneDExtendedParametersStores special data of 1D recognized barcode like separate codetext and checksum
Pdf417ExtendedParametersStores a MacroPdf417 metadata information of recognized barcode
QRExtendedParametersStores a QR Structured Append information of recognized barcode
QuadrangleStores a set of four Points that represent a Quadrangle region.
QualitySettingsQualitySettings allows to configure recognition quality and speed manually. You can quickly set up QualitySettings with embedded presets: HighPerformance, NormalQuality, HighQuality, MaxQuality or you can manually configure separate options. Default value of QualitySettings is NormalQuality.
RecognitionAbortedExceptionRepresents recognition abort exception which is thrown in timeout exceeding during recognition with BarCodeReader.
SingleDecodeTypeSingle decode type. See decode type to get instance.


AustraliaPostCustomerInformationDecoderPublic interface for Customer Information Field decoding which is used in AustraliaPost symbology. Implementation should be provided by user.


BarCodeConfidenceContains recognition confidence level
BarcodeQualityModeMode which enables methods to recognize barcode elements with the selected quality. Barcode element with lower quality requires more hard methods which slows the recognition.
ChecksumValidationEnable checksum validation during recognition for 1D and Postal barcodes.
Code128SubTypeContains types of Code128 subset
ComplexBackgroundModeMode which enables or disables additional recognition of color barcodes on color images.
DeconvolutionModeDeconvolution (image restorations) mode which defines level of image degradation. Originally deconvolution is a function which can restore image degraded (convoluted) by any natural function like blur, during obtaining image by camera. Because we cannot detect image function which corrupt the image, we have to check most well know functions like sharp or mathematical morphology.
InverseImageModeMode which enables or disables additional recognition of barcodes on images with inverted colors (luminance).
XDimensionModeRecognition mode which sets size (from 1 to infinity) of barcode minimal element: matrix cell or bar.