Class BarCodeExtendedParameters

BarCodeExtendedParameters class

Stores extended parameters of recognized barcode

public sealed class BarCodeExtendedParameters


Aztec { get; }Gets a Aztec additional informationAztecExtendedParameters of recognized barcode
Codabar { get; }Gets a Codabar additional informationCodabarExtendedParameters of recognized barcode
Code128 { get; }Gets a special data Code128ExtendedParameters of Code128 recognized barcode
DataBar { get; }Gets a DataBar additional informationDataBarExtendedParameters of recognized barcode
DataMatrix { get; }Gets a DataMatrix additional informationDataMatrixExtendedParameters of recognized barcode
DotCode { get; }Gets a DotCode additional informationDotCodeExtendedParameters of recognized barcode
GS1CompositeBar { get; }Gets a GS1CompositeBar additional informationGS1CompositeBarExtendedParameters of recognized barcode
MaxiCode { get; }Gets a MaxiCode additional informationMaxiCodeExtendedParameters of recognized barcode
OneD { get; }Gets a special data OneDExtendedParameters of 1D recognized barcode
Pdf417 { get; }Gets a MacroPdf417 metadata information Pdf417ExtendedParameters of recognized barcode
QR { get; }Gets a QR Structured Append information QRExtendedParameters of recognized barcode


override Equals(object)Returns a value indicating whether this instance is equal to a specified BarCodeExtendedParameters value.
override GetHashCode()Returns the hash code for this instance.
override ToString()Returns a human-readable string representation of this BarCodeExtendedParameters.
operator ==Returns a value indicating whether the first BarCodeExtendedParameters value is equal to the second.
operator !=Returns a value indicating if the first BarCodeExtendedParameters value is different from the second.

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