Enum DeconvolutionMode

DeconvolutionMode enumeration

Deconvolution (image restorations) mode which defines level of image degradation. Originally deconvolution is a function which can restore image degraded (convoluted) by any natural function like blur, during obtaining image by camera. Because we cannot detect image function which corrupt the image, we have to check most well know functions like sharp or mathematical morphology.

public enum DeconvolutionMode


Fast0Enables fast deconvolution methods for high quality images.
Normal1Enables normal deconvolution methods for common images.
Slow2Enables slow deconvolution methods for low quality images.


This sample shows how to use Deconvolution mode

using (BarCodeReader reader = new BarCodeReader(@"c:\test.png", DecodeType.Code39Extended, DecodeType.Code128))
    reader.QualitySettings.Deconvolution = DeconvolutionMode.Slow;
    foreach (BarCodeResult result in reader.ReadBarCodes())

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