Class QRExtendedParameters

QRExtendedParameters class

Stores a QR Structured Append information of recognized barcode

public sealed class QRExtendedParameters : BaseExtendedParameters


IsEmpty { get; }Tests whether all parameters has only default values
QRStructuredAppendModeBarCodeIndex { get; }Gets the index of the QR structured append mode barcode. Index starts from 0. Default value is -1.
QRStructuredAppendModeBarCodesQuantity { get; }Gets the QR structured append mode barcodes quantity. Default value is -1.
QRStructuredAppendModeParityData { get; }Gets the QR structured append mode parity data. Default value is -1.


override Equals(object)Returns a value indicating whether this instance is equal to a specified QRExtendedParameters value.
override GetHashCode()Returns the hash code for this instance.
override ToString()Returns a human-readable string representation of this QRExtendedParameters.
operator ==Returns a value indicating whether the first QRExtendedParameters value is equal to the second.
operator !=Returns a value indicating if the first QRExtendedParameters value is different from the second.


This sample shows how to get QR Structured Append data

using (BarCodeReader reader = new BarCodeReader(@"c:\test.png", DecodeType.QR))
    foreach (BarCodeResult result in reader.ReadBarCodes())
        Console.WriteLine("BarCode Type: " + result.CodeTypeName);
        Console.WriteLine("BarCode CodeText: " + result.CodeText);
        Console.WriteLine("QR Structured Append Quantity: " + result.Extended.QR.QRStructuredAppendModeBarCodesQuantity);
        Console.WriteLine("QR Structured Append Index: " + result.Extended.QR.QRStructuredAppendModeBarCodeIndex);
        Console.WriteLine("QR Structured Append ParityData: " + result.Extended.QR.QRStructuredAppendModeParityData);
Using reader As New BarCodeReader("c:\test.png", DecodeType.QR)
    For Each result As BarCodeResult In reader.ReadBarCodes()
        Console.WriteLine("BarCode Type: " + result.CodeTypeName)
        Console.WriteLine("BarCode CodeText: " + result.CodeText)
        Console.WriteLine("QR Structured Append Quantity: " + result.Extended.QR.QRStructuredAppendModeBarCodesQuantity)
        Console.WriteLine("QR Structured Append Index: " + result.Extended.QR.QRStructuredAppendModeBarCodeIndex)
        Console.WriteLine("QR Structured Append ParityData: " + result.Extended.QR.QRStructuredAppendModeParityData)
End Using

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