Enum XDimensionMode

XDimensionMode enumeration

Recognition mode which sets size (from 1 to infinity) of barcode minimal element: matrix cell or bar.

public enum XDimensionMode


Auto0Value of XDimension is detected by AI (SVM). At this time the same as Normal
Small1Detects barcodes with small XDimension in 1 pixel or more with quality from BarcodeQuality
Normal2Detects barcodes with classic XDimension in 2 pixels or more with quality from BarcodeQuality or high quality barcodes.
Large3Detects barcodes with large XDimension with quality from BarcodeQuality captured with high-resolution cameras.
UseMinimalXDimension4Detects barcodes from size set in MinimalXDimension with quality from BarcodeQuality


This sample shows how to use XDimension mode

using (BarCodeReader reader = new BarCodeReader(@"c:\test.png", DecodeType.Code39Extended, DecodeType.Code128))
    reader.QualitySettings.XDimension = XDimensionMode.Small;
    foreach (BarCodeResult result in reader.ReadBarCodes())

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