The Aspose.BarCode.Generation containing general classes for the implementation of BarCode generation functions.


AustralianPostParametersAustralianPost barcode parameters.
AztecExtCodetextBuilderExtended codetext generator for Aztec barcodes for ExtendedCodetext Mode of AztecEncodeMode
AztecParametersAztec parameters.
BarcodeGeneratorBarcodeGenerator for backend barcode images generation.
BarcodeParametersBarcode generation parameters.
BaseEncodeTypeBase class for SymbologyEncodeType.
BaseGenerationParametersBarcode image generation parameters.
BorderParametersBarcode image border parameters
CaptionParametersCaption parameters.
CodabarParametersCodabar parameters.
CodablockParametersCodablock parameters.
Code128ParametersCode128 parameters.
Code16KParametersCode16K parameters.
CodetextParametersCodetext parameters.
CouponParametersCoupon parameters. Used for UpcaGs1DatabarCoupon, UpcaGs1Code128Coupon.
DataBarParametersDatabar parameters.
DataMatrixExtCodetextBuilderExtended codetext generator for 2D DataMatrix barcodes for ExtendedCodetext Mode of DataMatrixEncodeMode
DataMatrixParametersDataMatrix parameters.
DotCodeExtCodetextBuilderExtended codetext generator for 2D DotCode barcodes for ExtendedCodetext Mode of DotCodeEncodeMode
DotCodeParametersDotCode parameters.
EncodeTypesSpecifies the type of barcode to encode.
ExtCodetextBuilderHelper class for automatic codetext generation of the Extended Codetext Mode
FontUnitDefines a particular format for text, including font face, size, and style attributes where size in Unit value property.
GS1CompositeBarParametersGS1 Composite bar parameters.
HanXinExtCodetextBuilderExtended codetext generator for Han Xin Code for Extended Mode of HanXinEncodeMode
HanXinParametersHan Xin parameters.
ITFParametersITF parameters.
MaxiCodeExtCodetextBuilderExtended codetext generator for MaxiCode barcodes for ExtendedCodetext Mode of MaxiCodeEncodeMode
MaxiCodeParametersMaxiCode parameters.
PaddingPaddings parameters.
PatchCodeParametersPatchCode parameters.
Pdf417ParametersPDF417 parameters. Contains PDF417, MacroPDF417 and MicroPDF417 parameters. MacroPDF417 requires two fields: Pdf417MacroFileID and Pdf417MacroSegmentID. All other fields are optional. MicroPDF417 in Structured Append mode (same as MacroPDF417 mode) requires two fields: Pdf417MacroFileID and Pdf417MacroSegmentID. All other fields are optional.
PostalParametersPostal parameters. Used for Postnet, Planet.
QrExtCodetextBuilderExtended codetext generator for 2D QR barcodes for ExtendedCodetext Mode of QrEncodeMode
QrParametersQR parameters.
QrStructuredAppendParametersQR structured append parameters.
SupplementParametersSupplement parameters. Used for Interleaved2of5, Standard2of5, EAN13, EAN8, UPCA, UPCE, ISBN, ISSN, ISMN.
SymbologyEncodeTypeSymbology encode type. See EncodeTypes to get instance.
UnitSpecifies the size value in different units (Pixel, Inches, etc.).


AutoSizeModeSpecifies the different types of automatic sizing modes.
AztecEncodeModeEncoding mode for Aztec barcodes.
AztecSymbolModeSpecifies the Aztec symbol mode.
BarcodeClassificationsSymbology classification
BarCodeImageFormatSpecifies the file format of the image.
BorderDashStyleSpecifies the style of dashed border lines.
CodabarChecksumModeSpecifies the checksum algorithm for Codabar
CodabarSymbolSpecifies the start or stop symbol of the Codabar barcode specification.
Code128EmulationFunction codewords for Code 128 emulation. Applied for MicroPDF417 only. Ignored for PDF417 and MacroPDF417 barcodes.
Code128EncodeModeEncoding mode for Code128 barcodes. Code 128 specification.
CodeLocationCodetext location
DataMatrixEccTypeSpecify the type of the ECC to encode.
DataMatrixEncodeModeDataMatrix encoder’s encoding mode, default to Auto
DataMatrixVersionSpecify the type of the ECC to encode.
DotCodeEncodeModeEncoding mode for DotCode barcodes.
ECIEncodingsExtended Channel Interpretation Identifiers. It is used to tell the barcode reader details about the used references for encoding the data in the symbol. Current implementation consists all well known charset encodings. Currently, it is used only for QR 2D barcode.
EnableChecksumEnable checksum during generation for 1D barcodes.
FontModeFont size mode.
HanXinEncodeModeHan Xin Code encoding mode. It is recommended to use Auto with ASCII / Chinese characters or Unicode for Unicode characters.
HanXinErrorLevelLevel of Reed-Solomon error correction. From low to high: L1, L2, L3, L4.
HanXinVersionVersion of Han Xin Code. From Version01 - 23 x 23 modules to Version84 - 189 x 189 modules, increasing in steps of 2 modules per side.
ITF14BorderTypeITF14 border type of barcode
MacroCharacterMacro Characters 05 and 06 values are used to obtain more compact encoding in special modes. 05 Macro craracter is translated to “[)>\u001E05\u001D” as decoded data header and “\u001E\u0004” as decoded data trailer. 06 Macro craracter is translated to “[)>\u001E06\u001D” as decoded data header and “\u001E\u0004” as decoded data trailer.
MaxiCodeEncodeModeEncoding mode for MaxiCode barcodes.
MaxiCodeModeEncoding mode for MaxiCode barcodes.
PatchFormatPatchCode format. Choose PatchOnly to generate single PatchCode. Use page format to generate Patch page with PatchCodes as borders
Pdf417CompactionModePdf417 barcode compaction mode
Pdf417ErrorLevelpdf417 barcode’s error correction level, from level 0 to level 9, level 0 means no error correction, level 8 means best error correction
Pdf417MacroTerminatorUsed to tell the encoder whether to add Macro PDF417 Terminator (codeword 922) to the segment. Applied only for Macro PDF417.
QREncodeModeEncoding mode for QR barcodes. It is recommended to Use Auto with CodeTextEncoding = Encoding.UTF8 for Latin symbols or digits and Utf8BOM for Unicode symbols.
QREncodeTypeQR / MicroQR selector mode. Select ForceQR for standard QR symbols, Auto for MicroQR. ForceMicroQR is used for strongly MicroQR symbol generation if it is possible.
QRErrorLevelLevel of Reed-Solomon error correction. From low to high: LevelL, LevelM, LevelQ, LevelH.
QRVersionVersion of QR Code. From Version1 to Version40 for QR code and from M1 to M4 for MicroQr.
TextAlignmentText alignment.
TwoDComponentTypeType of 2D component