Class BarcodeParameters

BarcodeParameters class

Barcode generation parameters.

public class BarcodeParameters


AustralianPost { get; }AustralianPost barcode parameters.
Aztec { get; }Aztec parameters.
BarColor { get; set; }Bars color. Default value: Color.Black.
BarHeight { get; set; }Height of 1D barcodes’ bars in Unit value. Ignored if AutoSizeMode property is set to AutoSizeMode.Nearest or AutoSizeMode.Interpolation.
BarWidthReduction { get; set; }Get or sets bars reduction value that is used to compensate ink spread while printing. Default value: 0
ChecksumAlwaysShow { get; set; }Always display checksum digit in the human readable text for Code128 and GS1Code128 barcodes.
Codabar { get; }Codabar parameters.
Codablock { get; }Codablock parameters.
Code128 { get; }Code128 parameters.
Code16K { get; }Code16K parameters.
CodeTextParameters { get; }Codetext parameters.
Coupon { get; }Coupon parameters. Used for UpcaGs1DatabarCoupon, UpcaGs1Code128Coupon.
DataBar { get; }Databar parameters.
DataMatrix { get; }DataMatrix parameters.
DotCode { get; }DotCode parameters.
EnableEscape { get; set; }Indicates whether explains the character “" as an escape character in CodeText property. Used for Pdf417, DataMatrix, Code128 only If the EnableEscape is true, “" will be explained as a special escape character. Otherwise, “" acts as normal characters. Aspose.BarCode supports inputing decimal ascii code and mnemonic for ASCII control-code characters. For example, \013 and \CR stands for CR.
FilledBars { get; set; }Gets or sets a value indicating whether bars filled. Only for 1D barcodes. Default value: true.
GS1CompositeBar { get; set; }GS1 Composite Bar parameters.
HanXin { get; }HanXin parameters.
IsChecksumEnabled { get; set; }Enable checksum during generation 1D barcodes.
ITF { get; }ITF parameters.
MaxiCode { get; }MaxiCode parameters.
Padding { get; }Barcode paddings. Default value: 5pt 5pt 5pt 5pt.
PatchCode { get; }PatchCode parameters.
Pdf417 { get; }PDF417 parameters.
Postal { get; }Postal parameters. Used for Postnet, Planet.
QR { get; }QR, MicroQR and RectMicroQR parameters.
Supplement { get; }Supplement parameters. Used for Interleaved2of5, Standard2of5, EAN13, EAN8, UPCA, UPCE, ISBN, ISSN, ISMN.
ThrowExceptionWhenCodeTextIncorrect { get; set; }Only for 1D barcodes. If codetext is incorrect and value set to true - exception will be thrown. Otherwise codetext will be corrected to match barcode’s specification. Exception always will be thrown for: Databar symbology if codetext is incorrect. Exception always will not be thrown for: AustraliaPost, SingapurePost, Code39Extended, Code93Extended, Code16K, Code128 symbology if codetext is incorrect.
WideNarrowRatio { get; set; }Wide bars to Narrow bars ratio. Default value: 3, that is, wide bars are 3 times as wide as narrow bars. Used for ITF, PZN, PharmaCode, Standard2of5, Interleaved2of5, Matrix2of5, ItalianPost25, IATA2of5, VIN, DeutschePost, OPC, Code32, DataLogic2of5, PatchCode, Code39Extended, Code39Standard
XDimension { get; set; }x-dimension is the smallest width of the unit of BarCode bars or spaces. Increase this will increase the whole barcode image width. Ignored if AutoSizeMode property is set to AutoSizeMode.Nearest or AutoSizeMode.Interpolation.

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