Enum DataMatrixVersion

DataMatrixVersion enumeration

Specify the type of the ECC to encode.

public enum DataMatrixVersion


Auto0Specifies to automatically pick up the smallest size for DataMatrix. This is default value.
RowsColumns1Instructs to get symbol sizes from Rows And Columns parameters. Note that DataMatrix does not support custom rows and columns numbers. This option is not recommended to use.
ECC000_9x92Specifies size of 9 x 9 modules for ECC000 type.
ECC000_050_11x113Specifies size of 11 x 11 modules for ECC000-ECC050 types.
ECC000_100_13x134Specifies size of 13 x 13 modules for ECC000-ECC100 types.
ECC000_100_15x155Specifies size of 15 x 15 modules for ECC000-ECC100 types.
ECC000_140_17x176Specifies size of 17 x 17 modules for ECC000-ECC140 types.
ECC000_140_19x197Specifies size of 19 x 19 modules for ECC000-ECC140 types.
ECC000_140_21x218Specifies size of 21 x 21 modules for ECC000-ECC140 types.
ECC000_140_23x239Specifies size of 23 x 23 modules for ECC000-ECC140 types.
ECC000_140_25x2510Specifies size of 25 x 25 modules for ECC000-ECC140 types.
ECC000_140_27x2711Specifies size of 27 x 27 modules for ECC000-ECC140 types.
ECC000_140_29x2912Specifies size of 29 x 29 modules for ECC000-ECC140 types.
ECC000_140_31x3113Specifies size of 31 x 31 modules for ECC000-ECC140 types.
ECC000_140_33x3314Specifies size of 33 x 33 modules for ECC000-ECC140 types.
ECC000_140_35x3515Specifies size of 35 x 35 modules for ECC000-ECC140 types.
ECC000_140_37x3716Specifies size of 37 x 37 modules for ECC000-ECC140 types.
ECC000_140_39x3917Specifies size of 39 x 39 modules for ECC000-ECC140 types.
ECC000_140_41x4118Specifies size of 41 x 41 modules for ECC000-ECC140 types.
ECC000_140_43x4319Specifies size of 43 x 43 modules for ECC000-ECC140 types.
ECC000_140_45x4520Specifies size of 45 x 45 modules for ECC000-ECC140 types.
ECC000_140_47x4721Specifies size of 47 x 47 modules for ECC000-ECC140 types.
ECC000_140_49x4922Specifies size of 49 x 49 modules for ECC000-ECC140 types.
ECC200_10x1023Specifies size of 10 x 10 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_12x1224Specifies size of 12 x 12 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_14x1425Specifies size of 14 x 14 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_16x1626Specifies size of 16 x 16 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_18x1827Specifies size of 18 x 18 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_20x2028Specifies size of 20 x 20 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_22x2229Specifies size of 22 x 22 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_24x2430Specifies size of 24 x 24 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_26x2631Specifies size of 26 x 26 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_32x3232Specifies size of 32 x 32 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_36x3633Specifies size of 36 x 36 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_40x4034Specifies size of 40 x 40 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_44x4435Specifies size of 44 x 44 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_48x4836Specifies size of 48 x 48 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_52x5237Specifies size of 52 x 52 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_64x6438Specifies size of 64 x 64 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_72x7239Specifies size of 72 x 72 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_80x8040Specifies size of 80 x 80 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_88x8841Specifies size of 88 x 88 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_96x9642Specifies size of 96 x 96 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_104x10443Specifies size of 104 x 104 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_120x12044Specifies size of 120 x 120 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_132x13245Specifies size of 132 x 132 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_144x14446Specifies size of 144 x 144 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_8x1847Specifies size of 8 x 18 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_8x3248Specifies size of 8 x 32 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_12x2649Specifies size of 12 x 26 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_12x3650Specifies size of 12 x 36 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_16x3651Specifies size of 16 x 36 modules for ECC200 type.
ECC200_16x4852Specifies size of 16 x 48 modules for ECC200 type.
DMRE_8x4853Specifies size of 8 x 48 modules for DMRE barcodes.
DMRE_8x6454Specifies size of 8 x 64 modules for DMRE barcodes.
DMRE_8x8055Specifies size of 8 x 80 modules for DMRE barcodes.
DMRE_8x9656Specifies size of 8 x 96 modules for DMRE barcodes.
DMRE_8x12057Specifies size of 8 x 120 modules for DMRE barcodes.
DMRE_8x14458Specifies size of 8 x 144 modules for DMRE barcodes.
DMRE_12x6459Specifies size of 12 x 64 modules for DMRE barcodes.
DMRE_12x8860Specifies size of 12 x 88 modules for DMRE barcodes.
DMRE_16x6461Specifies size of 16 x 64 modules for DMRE barcodes.
DMRE_20x3662Specifies size of 20 x 36 modules for DMRE barcodes.
DMRE_20x4463Specifies size of 20 x 44 modules for DMRE barcodes.
DMRE_20x6464Specifies size of 20 x 64 modules for DMRE barcodes.
DMRE_22x4865Specifies size of 22 x 48 modules for DMRE barcodes.
DMRE_24x4866Specifies size of 24 x 48 modules for DMRE barcodes.
DMRE_24x6467Specifies size of 24 x 64 modules for DMRE barcodes.
DMRE_26x4068Specifies size of 26 x 40 modules for DMRE barcodes.
DMRE_26x4869Specifies size of 26 x 48 modules for DMRE barcodes.
DMRE_26x6470Specifies size of 26 x 64 modules for DMRE barcodes.

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