Class QrParametersUI

QrParametersUI class

UI wrapper for QrParameters class.

public class QrParametersUI


AspectRatio { get; set; }Height/Width ratio of 2D BarCode module.
MicroQrVersion { get; set; }Version of MicroQR Code. From version M1 to version M4. Default value is MicroQRVersion.Auto.
QrEncodeMode { get; set; }QR symbology type of BarCode’s encoding mode. Default value: QREncodeMode.Auto.
QrEncodeType { get; set; }QR / MicroQR selector mode. Select ForceQR for standard QR symbols, Auto for MicroQR.
QrErrorLevel { get; set; }Level of Reed-Solomon error correction for QR, MicroQR and RectMicroQR barcodes. From low to high: LevelL, LevelM, LevelQ, LevelH. see QRErrorLevel.
QrVersion { get; set; }Version of QR Code. From Version1 to Version40 for QR code and from M1 to M4 for MicroQr. Default value is QRVersion.Auto.
RectMicroQrVersion { get; set; }Version of RectMicroQR Code. From version R7x59 to version R17x139. Default value is RectMicroQRVersion.Auto.


override ToString()Returns a human-readable string representation of this QrParameters.

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