Aspose.Barcode for Python via Java Generation and Recognition API docs

Inherits HIBCLICComplexCodetext.

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)
def getData (self)
def setData (self, value)
def getLinkCharacter (self)
def setLinkCharacter (self, value)
def getConstructedCodetext (self)
def initFromString (self, constructedCodetext)
def equals (self, obj)
def hashCode (self)
def init (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HIBCLICComplexCodetext
def __init__ (self, javaClass)
def getBarcodeType (self)
def setBarcodeType (self, value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseJavaClass
def getJavaClass (self)
def setJavaClass (self, javaClass)
def getJavaClassName (self)
def isNull (self)
def printJavaClassName (self)

Static Public Member Functions

def construct (java_class)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from BaseJavaClass

Static Public Attributes

string JAVA_CLASS_NAME = ""

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def __init__ (   self)

Member Function Documentation

◆ construct()

def construct (   java_class)

◆ equals()

def equals (   self,
Returns a value indicating whether this instance is equal to a specified {@code HIBCLICSecondaryAndAdditionalDataCodetext} value.
:param obj:An {@code HIBCLICSecondaryAndAdditionalDataCodetext} value to compare to this instance.
:return:{@code <b>true</b>} if obj has the same value as this instance; otherwise, {@code <b>false</b>}.

◆ getConstructedCodetext()

def getConstructedCodetext (   self)
Constructs codetext
:return:Constructed codetext

Reimplemented from HIBCLICComplexCodetext.

◆ getData()

def getData (   self)
Identifies secodary and additional supplemental data.

◆ getLinkCharacter()

def getLinkCharacter (   self)
Identifies link character.

◆ hashCode()

def hashCode (   self)
Returns the hash code for this instance.
:return:A 32-bit signed integer hash code.

◆ init()

def init (   self)

Reimplemented from BaseJavaClass.

◆ initFromString()

def initFromString (   self,
Initializes instance from constructed codetext.
:param constructedCodetext:Constructed codetext.

Reimplemented from HIBCLICComplexCodetext.

◆ setData()

def setData (   self,
Identifies secodary and additional supplemental data.

◆ setLinkCharacter()

def setLinkCharacter (   self,
Identifies link character.

Member Data Documentation

◆ data



string JAVA_CLASS_NAME = ""