Aspose.Barcode for Python via Java Generation and Recognition API docs

Inherits IComplexCodetext.

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)
def init (self)
def setBarcodeType (self, value)
def getDataLocation (self)
def setDataLocation (self, value)
def getRecords (self)
def addRecord (self, dataType, data)
def addHIBCPASRecord (self, record)
def clear (self)
def getBarcodeType (self)
def getConstructedCodetext (self)
def initFromString (self, constructedCodetext)
def equals (self, obj)
def hashCode (self)
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def __init__ (self, javaClass)
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def getJavaClass (self)
def setJavaClass (self, javaClass)
def getJavaClassName (self)
def isNull (self)
def printJavaClassName (self)

Static Public Member Functions

def construct (javaClass)

Static Public Attributes

string JAVA_CLASS_NAME = ""

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

 Class for encoding and decoding the text embedded in the HIBC PAS code.
 This sample shows how to encode and decode HIBC PAS using HIBCPASCodetext.

  complexCodetext = HIBCPASComplexCodetext()
  complexCodetext.addRecord(HIBCPASDataType.LABELER_IDENTIFICATION_CODE, "A123")
  complexCodetext.addRecord(HIBCPASDataType.MANUFACTURER_SERIAL_NUMBER, "SERIAL123")
  generator = ComplexBarcodeGenerator(complexCodetext)
  BarCodeReader reader = Recognition.BarCodeReader(generator.generateBarCodeImage(), None, DecodeType.HIBC_DATA_MATRIX_PAS)
  codetext = reader.getFoundBarCodes()[0].getCodeText()
  readCodetext = ComplexCodetextReader.tryDecodeHIBCPAS($codetext)
  print("Data location: " + readCodetext.getDataLocation())
  print("Data type: " + readCodetext.getRecords()[0].getDataType())
  print("Data: " + readCodetext.getRecords()[0].getData())
  print("Data type: " + readCodetext.getRecords()[1].getDataType())
  print("Data: " + readCodetext.getRecords()[1].getData())

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def __init__ (   self)
HIBCPASRecord constructor

Member Function Documentation

◆ addHIBCPASRecord()

def addHIBCPASRecord (   self,
Adds new record
:param record: record Record to be added

◆ addRecord()

def addRecord (   self,
Adds new record
:param dataType:Type of data
:param data:Data string

◆ clear()

def clear (   self)
Clears records list

◆ construct()

def construct (   javaClass)

◆ equals()

def equals (   self,
Returns a value indicating whether this instance is equal to a specified {@code HIBCPASCodetext} value.
:param obj:An {@code HIBCPASCodetext} value to compare to this instance.
:return:{@code <b>true</b>} if obj has the same value as this instance; otherwise, {@code <b>false</b>}.

◆ getBarcodeType()

def getBarcodeType (   self)
Gets barcode type.
:return:Barcode type.

Reimplemented from IComplexCodetext.

◆ getConstructedCodetext()

def getConstructedCodetext (   self)
Constructs codetext
:return:Constructed codetext

Reimplemented from IComplexCodetext.

◆ getDataLocation()

def getDataLocation (   self)
Identifies data location.

◆ getRecords()

def getRecords (   self)
Gets records list
:return:List of records

◆ hashCode()

def hashCode (   self)
Returns the hash code for this instance.
:return:A 32-bit signed integer hash code.

◆ init()

def init (   self)

Reimplemented from BaseJavaClass.

◆ initFromString()

def initFromString (   self,
Initializes instance from constructed codetext.
:param constructedCodetext:Constructed codetext.

Reimplemented from IComplexCodetext.

◆ setBarcodeType()

def setBarcodeType (   self,
Gets or sets barcode type. HIBC PAS codetext can be encoded using HIBCCode39PAS, HIBCCode128PAS, HIBCAztec:PAS, HIBCDataMatrixPAS and HIBCQRPAS encode types.
Default value: HIBCCode39PAS.
:return:Barcode type.

◆ setDataLocation()

def setDataLocation (   self,
Identifies data location.

Member Data Documentation


string JAVA_CLASS_NAME = ""