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MaxiCodeStructuredSecondMessage Class Reference

Inherits MaxiCodeSecondMessage.

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)
def getYear (self)
def setYear (self, value)
def getIdentifiers (self)
def add (self, identifier)
def clear (self)
def getMessage (self)
def equals (self, obj)
def getHashCode (self)
def init (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseJavaClass
def __init__ (self, javaClass)
def getJavaClass (self)
def setJavaClass (self, javaClass)
def getJavaClassName (self)
def isNull (self)
def printJavaClassName (self)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from BaseJavaClass

Static Public Attributes

string JAVA_CLASS_NAME = ""

Detailed Description

Class for encoding and decoding structured second message for MaxiCode barcode.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def __init__ (   self)

Member Function Documentation

◆ add()

def add (   self,
Adds new identifier
:param identifier: Identifier to be added

◆ clear()

def clear (   self)
Clear identifiers list

◆ equals()

def equals (   self,
Returns a value indicating whether this instance is equal to a specified <see cref="MaxiCodeStructuredSecondMessage"/> value.

:param obj: An <see cref="MaxiCodeStructuredSecondMessage"/> value to compare to this instance
:return: <b>true</b> if obj has the same value as this instance; otherwise, <b>false</b>.

◆ getHashCode()

def getHashCode (   self)
Returns the hash code for this instance.
:return: A 32-bit signed integer hash code.

◆ getIdentifiers()

def getIdentifiers (   self)
Gets identifiers list
:return: List of identifiers

◆ getMessage()

def getMessage (   self)
Gets constructed second message
:return: Constructed second message

Reimplemented from MaxiCodeSecondMessage.

◆ getYear()

def getYear (   self)
Gets year. Year must be 2 digit integer value.

◆ init()

def init (   self)

Reimplemented from BaseJavaClass.

◆ setYear()

def setYear (   self,
Sets year. Year must be 2 digit integer value.

Member Data Documentation


string JAVA_CLASS_NAME = ""

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