Class CadPlotRotation

  • java.lang.Object
        • com.aspose.cad.fileformats.cad.cadconsts.CadPlotRotation

  • public final class CadPlotRotation

    Plot rotation. CadPlotSettings

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      Modifier and Type Field and Description
      static short Clockwise90Degrees
      The clockwise90 degrees
      static short Counterclockwise90Degrees
      The counterclockwise90 degrees
      static short NoRotation
      The no rotation
      static short UpsideDown
      The upside down
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      • Counterclockwise90Degrees

        public static final short Counterclockwise90Degrees

        The counterclockwise90 degrees

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      • Clockwise90Degrees

        public static final short Clockwise90Degrees

        The clockwise90 degrees

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        Constant Field Values