Class CadDimensionDictionary

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    com.aspose.cad_internal.dxf.core.fileformats.cad.ICadSymbolTableGroupCodes,<<String,CadDimensionStyleTable>>,<String,CadDimensionStyleTable>,<<String,CadDimensionStyleTable>>,<<String,CadDimensionStyleTable>>,, Iterable<<String,CadDimensionStyleTable>>

    public final class CadDimensionDictionary
    extends NonGenericDictionary<String,CadDimensionStyleTable>
    implements, com.aspose.cad_internal.dxf.core.fileformats.cad.ICadSymbolTableGroupCodes

    Dimension styles dictionary.

    • Constructor Detail

      • CadDimensionDictionary

        public CadDimensionDictionary()

        Initializes a new instance of the CadDimensionDictionary class.

    • Method Detail

      • getCadSymbolTableGroupCodes

        public final CadSymbolTableGroupCodes getCadSymbolTableGroupCodes()

        Gets or sets the cad symbol table group codes.

        Specified by:
        getCadSymbolTableGroupCodes in interface com.aspose.cad_internal.dxf.core.fileformats.cad.ICadSymbolTableGroupCodes
        The cad symbol table group codes.
      • setCadSymbolTableGroupCodes

        public final void setCadSymbolTableGroupCodes(CadSymbolTableGroupCodes value)

        Gets or sets the cad symbol table group codes.

        Specified by:
        setCadSymbolTableGroupCodes in interface com.aspose.cad_internal.dxf.core.fileformats.cad.ICadSymbolTableGroupCodes
        value - The cad symbol table group codes.
      • add

        public void add(String key,
                        CadDimensionStyleTable value)

        Adds a CadDimensionStyleTable to the dictionary.

        key - The CadDimensionStyleTable key.
        value - The CadDimensionStyleTable to add.
      • remove

        public boolean remove(String key)

        Removes the CadDimensionStyleTable with the specified key.

        key - The CadDimensionStyleTable key to remove.
        True if the element is successfully removed; otherwise, false. This method also returns false if key was not found in the dictionary.
      • deepClone

        public Object deepClone()

        Clones the dictionary.

        Specified by:
        deepClone in interface
        A new object that is a shallow copy of this instance.