Class DgnCellHeaderElement

    • Constructor Detail

      • DgnCellHeaderElement

        public DgnCellHeaderElement(byte[] rawData,
                                    boolean is3DElementExpected)

        Initializes a new instance of the DgnCellHeaderElement class

        rawData - raw data
        is3DElementExpected - is 3D
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public String getName()

        Gets cell name

      • getClassBitmap

        public int getClassBitmap()

        Gets cell's class bit map

      • getLevels

        public int[] getLevels()

        Gets array of levels used in cell

      • getRangeBlockLow

        public DgnPoint getRangeBlockLow()

        Gets cell's range block low

      • getRangeBlockHi

        public DgnPoint getRangeBlockHi()

        Gets cell's range block hi

      • getTransFormationMatrix

        public double[] getTransFormationMatrix()

        Gets cell's 2D/3D transformation matrix

      • getOrigin

        public DgnPoint getOrigin()

        Gets cell's origin point

      • getXScale

        public double getXScale()

        Gets cell's x scale

      • getYScale

        public double getYScale()

        Gets cell's y scale

      • getRotation

        public double getRotation()

        Gets cell's rotation angle