Class DgnImage

    • Method Detail

      • getSubUnitType

        public int getSubUnitType()

        Gets current sub-unit type.

      • isCached

        public final boolean isCached()

        Gets a value indicating whether object's data is cached currently and no data reading is required.

        Specified by:
        isCached in class com.aspose.cad.DataStreamSupporter
        true if object's data is cached; otherwise, false.
      • getVersion

        public int getVersion()

        Gets DGN version of loaded image

      • getIs3DImage

        public boolean getIs3DImage()

        Gets a value indicating whether file is 3D or not

      • getElements

        public<DgnDrawingElementBase> getElements()

        Gets elements were read from source file

      • getTags

        public final<DgnElement> getTags()

        Gets the tags.

        The tags.
      • getMaxPoint

        public Cad3DPoint getMaxPoint()

        Gets the max point.

      • getMinPoint

        public Cad3DPoint getMinPoint()

        Gets the min point.

      • getViews

        public<DgnViewInfo> getViews()

        Gets the views.

        The views.
      • cacheData

        public final void cacheData()

        Caches the data and ensures no additional data loading will be performed from the underlying DataStreamSupporter.DataStreamContainer.

        Specified by:
        cacheData in class com.aspose.cad.DataStreamSupporter
      • getStrings

        public String[] getStrings()

        Gets all string values from image.

        getStrings in class Image
        The array with string values.