Interface IDrawable

  • All Known Subinterfaces:
    IBezierCurve, IPolyLine, IText

    public interface IDrawable

    Parent Interface for Simple geometric represetation of an entity or its part

    • Method Detail

      • getProperties

        IDrawableProperties getProperties()

        Non-geometric properties of geometric representation

      • getAllPoints

        Point3D[] getAllPoints()

        Array of all points defining geometry

      • getEntityUID

        String getEntityUID()

        Unique identifier (line number) of entity that created this entity

      • setEntityUID

        void setEntityUID(String value)

        Unique identifier (line number) of entity that created this entity

      • getTransformedDrawable

        IDrawable getTransformedDrawable(Point3D[] newPoints)

        Creates a new drawable using provided points and non-geometric properties of current drawable

        newPoints - All points defining new geometry
        New drawable with new geometry and current non-geometric properties
      • getNewPropsDrawable

        IDrawable getNewPropsDrawable(IDrawableProperties props)

        Creates a new drawable using geometry of current drawable and provided non-geometric properties

        props - New non-geometric properties
        New drawable with current geometry and new non-geometric properties
      • accept

        void accept(IExporterVisitor visitor)

        Part of Visitor pattern with an

        visitor - An to render geometry
        See Also:
        IgesDrawableExporter, IgesDrawableExporter