Class UnitType

  • java.lang.Object
        • com.aspose.cad.imageoptions.UnitType

  • public final class UnitType

    Represents unit types.

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      static int Angstrom
      Angstrom unit
      static int AstronomicalUnit
      Astronomical unit
      static int Centimenter
      Centimeter unit
      static int Custom
      Custom unit.
      static int Decameter
      Decameter unit
      static int Decimeter
      Decimeter unit
      static int Foot
      Foot unit value.
      static int Gigameter
      Gigameter unit
      static int Hectometer
      Hectometer unit
      static int Inch
      Inch unit value.
      static int Kilometer
      Kilometer unit
      static int LightYear
      Light year unit
      static int Meter
      Meter unit
      static int MicroInch
      MicroInch unit
      static int Micrometer
      Micrometer unit, the same as micron
      static int Mil
      Mil unit (thousandth of an inch).
      static int Mile
      Mile unit value.
      static int Millimeter
      Millimeter unit
      static int Nanometer
      Nanometer unit
      static int Parsec
      Parsec unit
      static int Unitless
      Unitless unit.
      static int Yard
      Yard unit value.
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