Class NonGenericDictionary<K,V>

  • java.lang.Object
      • com.aspose.cad.NonGenericDictionary<K,V>
  • All Implemented Interfaces:<<K,V>>,<K,V>,<<K,V>>,<<K,V>>, Iterable<<K,V>>
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    CadAppIdDictionary, CadBlockDictionary, CadDimensionDictionary, CadLayoutDictionary, CadLineTypesDictionary

    public class NonGenericDictionary<K,V>

    Represents a non generic dictionary.

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      • Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class<TKey,TValue>,<TKey,TValue>,,<TKey,TValue>
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      Modifier and Type Method and Description<K> getKeysTyped()
      Gets the strongly typed collection of keys.<V> getValuesTyped()
      Gets the strongly typed values collection.
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        addItem, addItem, clear, containsItem, containsKey, containsValue, copyTo, copyToTArray, get_Item, getComparer, getDictionaryEntryEnumerator, getKeys, getSyncRoot, getValues, isFixedSize, isReadOnly, isSynchronized, iterator, removeItem, removeItemByKey, set_Item, size, tryGetValue
    • Constructor Detail

      • NonGenericDictionary

        public NonGenericDictionary()
    • Method Detail

      • getValuesTyped

        public<V> getValuesTyped()

        Gets the strongly typed values collection.

        The strongly typed values collection.
      • getKeysTyped

        public<K> getKeysTyped()

        Gets the strongly typed collection of keys.

        The strongly typed keys collection.