Class Description
CF2Aux The Aux section of the CF2 format
CF2DrawnElement The Basic of the drawn elements
CF2GeometryElement The basic of the geometry elements
CF2Image CF2 image class
CF2Line The line
CF2LinearElement The basic of the linear elements
CF2LinesOutputDescribing Description of the line types output
CF2LineTypeDefinition The line type definition
CF2Main The Main section of the CF2 format
CF2Order The Order section of the CF2 format
CF2OrderOutputDescribing Description of the order section output
CF2OutputDescribing Description of the output
CF2Property The property
CF2PropertyCustom The custom property
CF2PropertyStandard The standart property
CF2StandardMessage The standart message
CF2Sub The Sub section of the CF2 format
CF2SubInsert The insert of the Sub element
CF2Text The Text


Enumeration Description
CF2DimensionLineTypes CF2 dimension line types
CF2InstructionCodes CF2 instruction codes
CF2LineTypes CF2 line types
CF2SystemCoordinate The type of coordinate system.
CF2TypeDElement CF2 type of drawn elements