DwfWhipContourSet class

Represents Whip contour set object

public class DwfWhipContourSet : DwfWhipPointSet


Name Description
DwfWhipContourSet() Initializes a new instance of the DwfWhipContourSet class
DwfWhipContourSet(DwfWhipLogicalPoint[]) Initializes a new instance of the DwfWhipContourSet class


Name Description
virtual Color { get; set; } Gets or sets Color
ContourNumber { get; } Gets or sets the number of contours in the set (size of counts_list.)
Incarnation { get; } Gets or sets rendition incarnation
IsMaterialized { get; } Gets or sets value, that object is materialized
IsTransformed { get; } Gets or sets is transformed, true if the points have been transformed
IsVisible { get; set; } Gets or sets a value indicating whether object is visible.
LayerIndex { get; set; } Gets or sets layer index
LineStyle { get; set; } Gets or sets line style
LineWeight { get; set; } Gets or sets line weight
override MaxPoint { get; } Gets the max point of object.
override MinPoint { get; } Gets the min point of object.
Points { get; } Gets points
StageItemCounter { get; } Gets or sets stage item counter
TransformMatrix { get; set; } Gets or sets transform matrix


Name Description
virtual Transform(DwfWhipTransform) Transforms object

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