DwfResult enumeration

Represents operations result

public enum DwfResult


Name Value Description
Success 0 Success result
WaitingForData 1 Waiting_For_Data
CorruptFileError 2 Corrupt file error
EndOfFileError 3 End of file error
UnknownFileReadError 4 UnknownFileReadError
OutOfMemoryError 5 Out of memory error
FileAlreadyOpenError 6 File already open error
NoFileOpenError 7 No file open error
FileWriteError 8 File write error
FileOpenError 9 File open error
InternalError 10 Internal error
NotADWFFileError 11 Not a DWF file error
UserRequestedAbort 12 User requested abort
DWFVersionHigherThanToolkit 13 DWF Version Higher Than Toolkit
UnsupportedDWFOpcode 14 Unsupported DWF Opcode
UnsupportedDWFExtensionError 15 Unsupported DWF ExtensionError
EndOfDWFOpcodeFound 16 End of DWF OpcodeFound
FileInconsistencyWarning 17 File inconsistency warning
ToolkitUsageError 18 Toolkit usage error
DecompressionTerminated 19 Decompression terminated
FileCloseError 20 File close error
OpcodeNotValidForThisObject 21 OpcodeNotValidForThisObject
DWFPackageFormat 22 DWF Package Format
MinorVersionWarning 23 Minor version warning
Undefined -1 Undefined result

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