DwfLayersList class

Layer tables list

public sealed class DwfLayersList : ICollection<DwfWhipLayer>


Name Description
Count { get; } Gets the number of elements contained in the DwfLayersList.
IsReadOnly { get; } Gets a value indicating whether the DwfLayersList is read-only.


Name Description
Add(DwfWhipLayer) Adds an item to the DwfLayersList
Clear() Removes all items from the DwfLayersList
Contains(DwfWhipLayer) Determines whether the DwfLayersList contains a specific value.
CopyTo(DwfWhipLayer[], int) Copies the elements of DwfLayersList to an System.Array, starting at a particular System.Array index.
GetEnumerator() Enumeration of layers.
GetLayerByName(string) Gets first layer by name.
GetLayersByName(string) Gets layer by name.
GetLayersByNames(string[]) Gets layers by names.
GetLayersNames() Gets the layers names.
Remove(DwfWhipLayer) Removes the first occurrence of a specific object from the DwfLayersList.

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