The namespace handles GLB files format processing.


AccessorSparseSparse storage of accessor values that deviate from their initialization value.
AccessorSparseIndicesAn object pointing to a buffer view containing the indices of deviating accessor values. The number of indices is equal to accessor.sparse.count. Indices MUST strictly increase.
AccessorSparseValuesAn object pointing to a buffer view containing the deviating accessor values. The number of elements is equal to accessor.sparse.count times number of components. The elements have the same component type as the base accessor. The elements are tightly packed. Data MUST be aligned following the same rules as the base accessor.
AgiArticulationStageOne stage of a model articulation definition.
AgiNodeArticulationsglTF Extension for an individual node in a glTF model, to associate it with the model’s root AGI_articulations object.
AgiNodeStkMetadataglTF Extension for an individual node in a glTF model, to associate it with the model’s root AGI_stk_metadata object.
AgiRootArticulationsglTF Extension that defines metadata for applying external analysis or effects to a model.
AgiRootStkMetadataglTF Extension that defines metadata for use with STK (Systems Tool Kit).
AnimationA keyframe animation.
AssetMetadata about the glTF asset.
BufferA buffer points to binary geometry, animation, or skins.
BufferViewA view into a buffer generally representing a subset of the buffer.
CameraA camera’s projection. A node MAY reference a camera to apply a transform to place the camera in the scene.
CameraOrthographicAn orthographic camera containing properties to create an orthographic projection matrix.
CameraPerspectiveA perspective camera containing properties to create a perspective projection matrix.
ExtensionsFactoryGlobal extensions manager.
ExtraPropertiesRepresents the base class for all glTF 2 Schema objects.
FileReaderCallbackCallback used for loading associated files of current model.
FileWriterCallbackCallback used for saving associated files of the current model.
GlbDataThe root object for a glTF asset.
GlbImageRepresents the base class of a serializable glTF schema2 object. Inherited by ExtraProperties.
ImageDecodeCallbackCallback used to intercept the loading of textures so they can be decoded by the client engine and uploaded to the GPU if neccesary.
ImageGlbImage data used to create a texture. Image MAY be referenced by an URI (or IRI) or a buffer view index.
ImageWriterCallbackCallback to control the image writing behavior.
JsonFilterCallbackCallback used to preprocess and postprocess json before reading and after writing.
LogicalChildOfRootAll gltf elements stored in ModelRoot must inherit from this class.
MaterialThe material appearance of a primitive.
MeshA set of primitives to be rendered. Its global transform is defined by a node that references it.
MeshGpuInstancingglTF extension defines instance attributes for a node with a mesh.
MeshPrimitiveGeometry to be rendered with the given material.
NodeA node in the node hierarchy. When the node contains skin, all mesh.primitives MUST contain JOINTS_0 and WEIGHTS_0 attributes. A node MAY have either a matrix or any combination of translation/rotation/scale (TRS) properties. TRS properties are converted to matrices and postmultiplied in the T * R * S order to compose the transformation matrix; first the scale is applied to the vertices, then the rotation, and then the translation. If none are provided, the transform is the identity. When a node is targeted for animation (referenced by an, matrix MUST NOT be present.
PunctualLightA directional, point, or spot light.
ReadSettingsRead settings and base class of ReadContext
SceneThe root nodes of a scene.
SkinJoints and matrices defining a skin.
TextureA texture and its sampler.
TextureSamplerTexture sampler properties for filtering and wrapping modes.
TextureTransformglTF extension that enables shifting and scaling UV coordinates on a per-texture basis
WriteContextConfiguration settings for writing model files.
WriteSettingsWrite settings and base class of WriteContext


MaterialChannelRepresents a material sub-channel, which usually contains a texture. Use Channels and FindChannel to access it.
NodeCurveSamplersRepresents an proxy to acccess the animation curves of a Node. Use GetCurveSamplers for access.


IAnimationSampler<T>Represents an interface to a curve made of time-value points.
ICameraCommon interface for CameraOrthographic and CameraPerspective.
IConvertibleToGltf2Defines a method that converts the implementing reference to a GlbImage
IVisualNodeContainerRepresents an abstract interface for a visual hierarchy. Implemented by Node and Scene.


AgiArticulationTransformTypeThe type of motion applied by this articulation stage.
AlphaModeThe alpha rendering mode of the material.
AnimationInterpolationModeInterpolation algorithm.
BufferModeThe hint representing the intended GPU buffer type to use with this buffer view.
CameraTypeSpecifies if the camera uses a perspective or orthographic projection.
DimensionTypeSpecifies if the accessor’s elements are scalars, vectors, or matrices.
EncodingTypeThe datatype of the accessor’s components.
IndexEncodingTypeThe indices data type.
PrimitiveTypeThe topology type of primitives to render.
PropertyPathThe name of the node’s TRS property to animate, or the weights of the Morph Targets it instantiates. For the translation property, the values that are provided by the sampler are the translation along the X, Y, and Z axes. For the rotation property, the values are a quaternion in the order (x, y, z, w), where w is the scalar. For the scale property, the values are the scaling factors along the X, Y, and Z axes.
PunctualLightTypeDefines all the types of PunctualLight types.
ResourceWriteModeDetermines how resources are written.
TextureInterpolationFilterMagnification filter.
TextureMipMapFilterMinification filter.
TextureWrapModeT (V) wrapping mode.