IgesImage class

IGES Image class

public class IgesImage : Image


Name Description
Bounds { get; } Gets the image bounds.
Container { get; } Gets the Image container.
DataStreamContainer { get; }
Disposed { get; }
override Height { get; } Gets Image height
override IsCached { get; } Gets a value indicating whether object’s data is cached currently and no data readig is required.
Palette { get; set; } Gets or sets the color palette.
Size { get; } Gets the image size.
virtual UnitlessDefaultUnitType { get; } Assumed unit type when UnitType is set to Unitless
UnitType { get; } Gets current unit type.
override Width { get; } Gets Image width


Name Description
override CacheData() Caches the data and ensures no additional data loading will be performed from the underlying DataStreamContainer.
CanSave(ImageOptionsBase) Determines whether image can be saved to the specified file format represented by the passed save options.
GetDrawables() Gets geometric representation of the document
override GetStrings() Gets all string values from image.
Save() Saves the image data to the underlying stream.
virtual Save(string)
Save(Stream, ImageOptionsBase) Saves the image’s data to the specified stream in the specified file format according to save options.
virtual Save(string, bool)
virtual Save(string, ImageOptionsBase) Saves the object’s data to the specified file location in the specified file format according to save options.

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