The namespace contains classes suitable for export, save or creation of different file formats.


ApsGroupOptionsThe CGM options.
BmpOptionsThe bmp file format creation options.
CadRasterizationOptionsThe Cad rasterization options.
CadRenderResultRepresents result of rendering
CgmOptionsThe CGM options.
DicomOptionsThe DICOM file format creation options.
DracoOptionsThe Draco options.
DwfOptionsThe DWF options.
DwgOptionsThe DWG file format creation options.
DxfOptionsClass for DXF format output creation options
EmfOptionsThe EMF file format creation options.
FbxOptionsThe Fbx options.
GifOptionsThe gif file format creation options.
GlbOptionsThe GLB options.
GltfOptionsThe GLTF options.
GraphicsOptionsRepresents graphics options for embedded bitmap.
IfcOptionsThe IFC options.
ImageOptionsBaseThe image base options.
Jpeg2000OptionsThe Jpeg2000 file format options.
JpegOptionsThe jpeg file format create options.
MarginsMargins class.
MultiPageOptionsBase class for multiple pages supported formats
ObjOptionsThe OBJ options.
PdfDigitalSignatureDetailsCoreContains details for a PDF digital signature.
PdfDocumentOptionsThe PDF options.
PdfOptionsThe PDF options.
PenOptionsDrawing pen options
PngOptionsThe png file format create options.
PsdOptionsThe psd file format create options.
RasterizationQualityRasterizationQuality class
RdOptimizerSettingsRD optimizer settings class
RenderResultRepresents information with results of rendering
StlOptionsThe STL options.
StpOptionsThe STP options.
SvgOptionsThe SVG file format creation options.
ThreeDSOptionsThe 3DS options.
TiffOptionsThe tiff file format options. Note that width and height tags will get overwritten on image creation by width and height parameters so there is no need to specify them directly. Note that many options return a default value but that does not mean that this option is set explicitly as a tag value. To verify the tag is present use Tags property or the corresponding IsTagPresent method.
U3dOptionsThe U3D options.
VectorRasterizationOptionsThe vector rasterization options.
WebPOptionsWEBP image options
WmfOptionsThe wmf file format creation options.


ITextAsLinesOptionsThe TextAsLines options.
ITextAsShapesOptionsThe TextAsShapes options.


DxfOutputVersionSpecifies version of DXF file
MultiPageModeRepresents multipage mode
PdfComplianceSpecifies the PDF compliance level to output file.
PdfDigitalSignatureHashAlgorithmCoreSpecifies digital hash algorithm used by digital signature.
RasterizationQualityValueCopy of RasterizationQualityValue enum for use in Aspose.SVG for avoiding of dependency from Aspose.CAD.ImageOptions namespace.
RenderErrorCodeRepresents possible missing sections in CAD file
TiffOptionsErrorThe tiff options error codes.
UnitTypeRepresents unit types.
VisibilityModeDefines entity visibility checking - CAD platforms typically allow separate entity visibilities for print and screen display