Class ColorPaletteHelper

ColorPaletteHelper class

Helper class for color palettes manipulation.

public static class ColorPaletteHelper


static Create4Bit()Creates the 4 bit color palette.
static Create4BitGrayscale(bool)Creates the 4 bit grayscale palette.
static Create8Bit()Creates the 8 bit color palette.
static Create8BitGrayscale(bool)Creates the 8 bit grayscale palette.
static CreateMonochrome()Creates a monochrome color palette containing 2 colors only.
static GetCloseImagePalette(RasterImage, int)Gets color palette from raster image (palletizes image) in case the image does not have one. In case palette exists it will be used instead performing calculations.
static GetDownscalePalette(RasterImage)Get 256 color palette, composed from upper bits of initial image color values.
static GetUniformColorPalette(RasterImage)Get uniform 256 color palette.

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