Aspose::Cells::Charts namespace


AxisEncapsulates the object that represents an axis of chart.
AxisBinsRepresents axis bins.
ChartEncapsulates the object that represents a single Excel chart.
ChartAreaEncapsulates the object that represents the chart area in the worksheet.
ChartCalculateOptionsRepresents the options for calculating chart.
ChartCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Chart objects.
ChartDataTableRepresents a chart data table.
ChartFrameEncapsulates the object that represents the frame object in a chart.
ChartGlobalizationSettingsRepresents the globalization settings for chart.
ChartPointRepresents a single point in a series in a chart.
ChartPointCollectionRepresents a collection that contains all the points in one series.
ChartTextFrameEncapsulates the object that represents the frame object which contains text.
DataLabelsEncapsulates a collection of all the DataLabel objects for the specified Series.
DisplayUnitLabelRepresents the display unit label.
DropBarsRepresents the up/down bars in a chart.
ErrorBarRepresents error bar of data series.
FloorEncapsulates the object that represents the floor of a 3-D chart.
LegendEncapsulates the object that represents the chart legend.
LegendEntryRepresents a legend entry in a chart legend.
LegendEntryCollectionRepresents a collection of all the LegendEntry objects in the specified chart legend.
MarkerRepresents the marker in a line chart, scatter chart, or radar chart.
PivotOptionsRepresents a complex type that specifies the pivot controls that appear on the chart.
PlotAreaEncapsulates the object that represents the plot area in a chart.
SeriesEncapsulates the object that represents a single data series in a chart.
SeriesCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Series objects.
SeriesLayoutPropertiesRepresents the properties of series layout.
SparklineA sparkline represents a tiny chart or graphic in a worksheet cell that provides a visual representation of data.
SparklineCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Sparkline objects.
SparklineGroupSparkline is organized into sparkline group. A SparklineGroup contains a variable number of sparkline items. A sparkline group specifies the type, display settings and axis settings for the sparklines.
SparklineGroupCollectionEncapsulates a collection of SparklineGroup objects.
TickLabelItemRepresents a tick label in the chart.
TickLabelsRepresents the tick-mark labels associated with tick marks on a chart axis.
TitleEncapsulates the object that represents the title of chart or axis.
TrendlineRepresents a trendline in a chart.
TrendlineCollectionRepresents a collection of all the Trendline objects for the specified data series.
WallsEncapsulates the object that represents the walls of a 3-D chart.


AxisTypeRepresents the axis type.
BackgroundModeRepresents the display mode of the background.
Bar3DShapeTypeRepresents the shape used with the 3-D bar or column chart.
BubbleSizeRepresentsRepresents what the bubble size represents on a bubble chart.
CategoryTypeRepresents the category axis type.
ChartLineFormattingTypeRepresents line format type of chart line.
ChartMarkerTypeRepresents the marker style in a line chart, scatter chart, or radar chart.
ChartSplitTypeRepresents the way the two sections of either a pie of pie chart or a bar of pie chart are split.
ChartTextDirectionTypeRepresents the text direction type of the chart.
ChartTypeEnumerates all chart types used in Excel.
CrossTypeRepresents the axis cross type.
DataLabelsSeparatorTypeRepresents the separator type of DataLabels.
DisplayUnitTypeRepresents the type of display unit of chart’s axis.
ErrorBarDisplayTypeRepresents error bar display type.
ErrorBarTypeRepresents error bar amount type.
FormattingTypeRepresents the type of formatting applied to an Area object or a Line object.
LabelPositionTypeRepresents data label position type.
LegendPositionTypeEnumerates the legend position types.
MapChartLabelLayoutRepresents the layout of map chart’s labels.
MapChartProjectionTypeRepresents projection type of the map chart.
MapChartRegionTypeRepresents the region type of the map chart.
PlotDataByTypeRepresents the type of data plot by row or column.
PlotEmptyCellsTypeRepresents all plot empty cells type of a chart.
QuartileCalculationTypeRepresents quartile calculation methods.
SparklineAxisMinMaxTypeRepresents the minimum and maximum value types for the sparkline vertical axis.
SparklinePresetStyleTypeRepresents the preset style types for sparkline.
SparklineTypeRepresents the sparkline types.
TickLabelAlignmentTypeRepresents the text alignment type for the tick labels on the axis.
TickLabelPositionTypeRepresents the position type of tick-mark labels on the specified axis.
TickMarkTypeRepresents the tick mark type for the specified axis.
TimeUnitRepresents the base unit for the category axis.
TrendlineTypeRepresents the trendline type.