Aspose::Cells::Drawing::Equations namespace


AccentEquationNodeThis class specifies an accent equation, consisting of a base component and a combining diacritic.
BarEquationNodeThis class specifies the bar equation, consisting of a base argument and an overbar or underbar.
BorderBoxEquationNodeThis class specifies the Border Box function, consisting of a border drawn around an equation.
BoxEquationNodeThis class specifies the box function, which is used to group components of an equation.
DelimiterEquationNodeThis class specifies the delimiter equation, consisting of opening and closing delimiters (such as parentheses, braces, brackets, and vertical bars), and a component contained inside. The delimiter may have more than one component, with a designated separator character between each component.
EquationComponentNodeThis class specifies the components of an equation or mathematical expression. Different types of components combined into different equations. For example, a fraction consists of two parts, a numerator component and a denominator component. For more component types, please refer to ‘EquationNodeType’.
EquationNodeAbstract class for deriving other equation nodes.
EquationNodeParagraphThis class specifies a mathematical paragraph containing one or more MathEquationNode(OMath) elements.
FractionEquationNodeThis class specifies the fraction equation, consisting of a numerator and denominator separated by a fraction bar. The fraction bar can be horizontal or diagonal, depending on the fraction properties. The fraction equation is also used to represent the stack function, which places one element above another, with no fraction bar.
FunctionEquationNodeThis class specifies the Function-Apply equation, which consists of a function name and an argument acted upon. The types of the name and argument components are ‘EquationNodeType.FunctionName’ and ‘EquationNodeType.Base’ respectively.
GroupCharacterEquationNodeThis class specifies the Group-Character function, consisting of a character drawn above or below text, often with the purpose of visually grouping items.
MathematicalEquationNodeThis class specifies an equation or mathematical expression. All mathematical text of equations or mathematical expressions are contained by this class.
MatrixEquationNodeThis class specifies the Matrix equation, consisting of one or more elements laid out in one or more rows and one or more columns.
NaryEquationNodeThis class specifies an n-ary operator equation consisting of an n-ary operator, a base (or operand), and optional upper and lower bounds.
RadicalEquationNodeThis class specifies the radical equation, consisting of an optional degree deg(EquationNodeType.Degree) and a base.
SubSupEquationNodeThis class specifies an equation that can optionally be superscript or subscript. There are four main forms of this equation, superscript,subscript,superscript and subscript placed to the left of the base, superscript and subscript placed to the right of the base.
TextRunEquationNodeThis class in the equation node is used to store the actual content(a sequence of mathematical text) of the equation. Usually a node object per character.
UnknowEquationNodeEquation node class of unknown type.


EquationCharacterPositionTypeSpecifies the position of a particular subobject within its parent.
EquationCombiningCharacterTypeType of combining characters.
EquationDelimiterShapeTypeThis specifies the shape of delimiters in the delimiter object.
EquationFractionTypeThis specifies the display style of the fraction bar.
EquationHorizontalJustificationTypeThis specifies the default horizontal justification of equations in the document.
EquationLimitLocationTypeSpecifies the limit location on an operator.
EquationMathematicalOperatorTypeMathematical Operators Type.
EquationNodeTypeEquation node type. Notice: (1)[1-99] Currently there is only one node in the scope, and its enumeration value is 1. The node it specifies is used to store mathematical text. (2)[100-199] Indicates that the node is a component of some special function nodes. (3)[200-] Indicates that the node has some special functions(Usually with ‘Equation’ suffix. ‘EquationParagraph’ is a special case.).
EquationVerticalJustificationTypeThis specifies the default vertical justification of equations in the document.