Aspose::Cells::Drawing namespace


ArcShapeRepresents the arc shape.
AreaEncapsulates the object that represents an area format.
AutomaticFillrepresents automatic fill.
BaseShapeGuideRepresents the shape guide.
BevelRepresents a bevel of a shape.
ButtonRepresents the Forms control: Button.
CellsDrawingRepresents the auto shape and drawing object.
ChartShapeRepresents the shape of the chart. Properties and methods for the ChartObject object control the appearance and size of the embedded chart on the worksheet.
CheckBoxRepresents a check box object in a worksheet.
CheckBoxCollectionRepresents a collection of CheckBox objects in a worksheet.
ColorHelperProvides helper functions about color.
ComboBoxRepresents the control form ComboBox.
CommentShapeRepresents the shape of the comment.
CustomGeometryRepresents a custom geometric shape.
CustomXmlShapeRepresents Custom xml shape ,such as Ink.
Dialog_BoxRepresents the dialog box.
FillFormatEncapsulates the object that represents fill formatting for a shape.
Format3DThis class specifies the 3D shape properties for a chart element or shape.
GeometryRepresents a geometric shape.
GlowEffectThis class specifies a glow effect, in which a color blurred outline is added outside the edges of the object.
GradientFillRepresents the gradient fill.
GradientStopRepresents the gradient stop.
GradientStopCollectionRepresents the gradient stop collection.
GroupBoxEncapsulates the object that represents a groupbox in a spreadsheet.
GroupFillRepresents this fill format should inherit the fill properties of the group.
GroupShapeRepresents the group shape which contains the individual shapes.
LabelEncapsulates the object that represents a label in a spreadsheet.
LineEncapsulates the object that represents the line format.
LineFormatRepresents all setting of the line.
LineShapeRepresents the line shape.
ListBoxRepresents a list box object.
MsoFillFormatRepresents fill formatting for a shape.
MsoFillFormatHelperRepresents fill formatting for a shape.
MsoFormatPictureRepresents the picture format.
MsoLineFormatRepresents line and arrowhead formatting.
MsoLineFormatHelperRepresents line and arrowhead formatting.
MsoTextFrameRepresents the text frame in a Shape object.
NoneFillRepresents no fill.
OleObjectRepresents an OleObject in a worksheet.
OleObjectCollectionRepresents embedded OLE objects.
OvalRepresents the oval shape.
PatternFillEncapsulates the object that represents pattern fill format.
PicFormatOptionRepresents picture format option.
PictureEncapsulates the object that represents a single picture in a spreadsheet.
PictureCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Picture objects.
RadioButtonRepresents a radio button.
RectangleShapeRepresents the rectangle shape.
ReflectionEffectThis class specifies a reflection effect.
ScrollBarRepresents a scroll bar object.
ShadowEffectThis class specifies the shadow effect of the chart element or shape.
ShapeRepresents the msodrawing object.
ShapeCollectionRepresents all the shape in a worksheet/chart.
ShapeGuideEncapsulates a shape guide specifies the presence of a shape guide that will be used to govern the geometry of the specified shape.
ShapeGuideCollectionEncapsulates a collection of shape guide.
ShapePathRepresents a creation path consisting of a series of moves, lines and curves that when combined will form a geometric shape.
ShapePathCollectionRepresents path collection information in NotPrimitive autoshape.
ShapePathPointRepresents an x-y coordinate within the path coordinate space.
ShapePathPointCollectionRepresents all shape path points.
ShapePropertyCollectionThis class specifies the visual shape properties for a chart element or shape.
ShapeSegmentPathRepresents a segment path in a path of the freeform.
ShapeSegmentPathCollectionRepresents a creation path consisting of a series of moves, lines and curves that when combined will form a geometric shape.
SignatureLineRepresent the signature line.
SmartArtShapeRepresents the smart art.
SolidFillEncapsulates the object that represents solid fill format.
SpinnerRepresents the Forms control: Spinner.
TextBoxEncapsulates the object that represents a textbox in a spreadsheet.
TextBoxCollectionEncapsulates a collection of TextBox objects.
TextEffectFormatContains properties and methods that apply to WordArt objects.
TextureFillEncapsulates the object that represents texture fill format.
ThreeDFormatRepresents a shape’s three-dimensional formatting.
TilePicOptionRepresents tile picture as texture.
VmlShapeGuidejust for vml Encapsulates a shape guide specifies the presence of a shape guide that will be used to govern the geometry of the specified shape
WebExtensionShapeRepresents the shape of web extension.


AutoShapeTypeRepresents all built-in auto shape type.
BevelPresetTypeRepresents a preset for a type of bevel which can be applied to a shape in 3D.
BevelTypeRepresents a preset for a type of bevel which can be applied to a shape in 3D.
CheckValueTypeRepresents the check value type of the check box.
DataLabelShapeTypeSpecifies the preset shape geometry that is to be used for a chart.
FillPatternEnumerates shape fill pattern types.
FillPictureTypeRepresents the picture fill type.
FillTypeFill format type.
FormatSetTypeFill format set type.
GradientColorTypeRepresents the gradient color type for the specified fill.
GradientDirectionTypeRepresents all direction type of gradient.
GradientFillTypeRepresents all Gradient fill type.
GradientPresetTypeRepresents gradient preset color type.
GradientStyleTypeRepresents gradient shading style.
ImageTypeSpecifies the type (format) of an image.
LightRigDirectionTypeRepresents the light rig direction type.
LightRigTypeRepresents a preset light right that can be applied to a shape.
LineCapTypeRepresents the caps of a line.
LineJoinTypeRepresents the join styles of a line.
LineTypeEnumerates the type of Picture border or Chart line.
MirrorTypeRepresents mirror type of texture fill.
MsoArrowheadLengthEnumerates the line end width of the shape border line.
MsoArrowheadStyleEnumerates the line end type of the shape border line.
MsoArrowheadWidthEnumerates the line end width of the shape border line.
MsoDrawingTypeRepresents office drawing objects type.
MsoLineDashStyleRepresents style of dash drawing lines.
MsoLineStyleRepresents style of drawing lines.
MsoPresetTextEffectRepresents preset text effect type of WordArt.
MsoPresetTextEffectShapeRepresents preset text effect shape type of WordArt.
PlacementTypeRepresents the way the drawing object is attached to the cells below it.
PresetCameraTypeRepresent different algorithmic methods for setting all camera properties, including position.
PresetMaterialTypeDescribes surface appearance of a shape.
PresetShadowTypeRepresents preset shadow type.
PresetThemeGradientTypeRepresents the preset theme gradient type.
PresetWordArtStyleRepresents the preset WordArt styles.
RectangleAlignmentTypeRepresents how to position two rectangles relative to each other.
ReflectionEffectTypeRepresents the effect type of reflection.
SelectionTypeThe selection type of list box.
ShapeAnchorTypeRepresents the anchor type.
ShapeLockTypeRepresents type of the property to be locked.
ShapePathTypeRepresents path segment type.
TextOverflowTypeRepresents the way the text vertical or horizontal overflow.
TextureTypeRepresents the preset texture type.
WeightTypeEnumerates the weight types for a picture border or a chart line.