Aspose::Cells::Pivot namespace


CustomPiovtFieldGroupItemRepresents an item of custom grouped field.
PivotAreaPresents the selected area of the PivotTable.
PivotAreaFilterRepresents the filter of PivotArea for PivotTable.
PivotAreaFilterCollectionRepresents the list of filters for PivotArea
PivotDateTimeRangeGroupSettingsRepresents the field grouped by date time range.
PivotDiscreteGroupSettingsRrepsents the discrete group of pivot field.
PivotFieldRepresents a field in a PivotTable report.
PivotFieldCollectionRepresents a collection of all the PivotField objects in the PivotTable’s specific PivotFields type.
PivotFieldGroupSettingsRepresents the group setting of pivot field.
PivotFilterRepresents a PivotFilter in PivotFilter Collection.
PivotFilterCollectionRepresents a collection of all the PivotFilter objects.
PivotFormatConditionRepresents a PivotTable Format Condition in PivotFormatCondition Collection.
PivotFormatConditionCollectionRepresents PivotTable Format Conditions.
PivotItemRepresents a item in a PivotField report.
PivotItemCollectionRepresents a collection of all the PivotItem objects in the PivotField’s.
PivotNumbericRangeGroupSettingsRepresents the numberic range group of the pivot field.
PivotPageFieldsRepresents the pivot page field items if the pivot table data source is consolidation ranges. It only can contain up to 4 fields.
PivotTableSummary description for PivotTable.
PivotTableCollectionRepresents the collection of all the PivotTable objects on the specified worksheet.
PivotTableFormatRepresents the format defined in the PivotTable.
PivotTableFormatCollectionRepresents the collection of formats applied to PivotTable.
PivotTableRefreshOptionRepresents the options of refreshing data source of the pivot table.


PivotAreaTypeIndicates the type of rule being used to describe an area or aspect of the PivotTable.
PivotConditionFormatRuleTypeRepresents PivotTable condition formatting rule type.
PivotConditionFormatScopeTypeRepresents PivotTable condition formatting scope type.
PivotFieldDataDisplayFormatRepresents data display format in the PivotTable data field.
PivotFieldGroupTypeRepresents the group type of pivot field.
PivotFieldSubtotalTypeSummary description for PivotFieldSubtotalType.
PivotFieldTypeRepresents PivotTable field type.
PivotFilterTypeRepresents PivotTable Filter type.
PivotGroupByTypeRepresents group by type.
PivotItemPositionRepresents PivotTable base item Next/Previous/All position in the base field .
PivotMissingItemLimitTypeRepresents number of items to retain per field.
PivotTableAutoFormatTypeRepresents PivotTable auto format type.
PivotTableSelectionTypeSpecifies what can be selected in a PivotTable during a structured selection. These constants can be combined to select multiple types.
PivotTableStyleTypeRepresents the pivot table style type.
ReserveMissingPivotItemTypeRepresents how to keep the missing pivot items.