Aspose::Cells::Rendering namespace


DrawObjectDrawObject will be initialized and returned when rendering.
DrawObjectEventHandlerInterface to get DrawObject and Bound when rendering.
ImageOrPrintOptionsAllows to specify options when rendering worksheet to images, printing worksheet or rendering chart to image.
IPageSavingCallbackControl/Indicate progress of page saving process.
PageEndSavingArgsInfo for a page ends saving process.
PageSavingArgsInfo for a page saving process.
PageStartSavingArgsInfo for a page starts saving process.
PdfBookmarkEntryPdfBookmarkEntry is an entry in pdf bookmark. if Text property of current instance is null or “”, current instance will be hidden and children will be inserted on current level.
RenderingFontFont for rendering.
RenderingWatermarkWatermark for rendering.
SheetPrintingPreviewWorksheet printing preview.
SheetRenderRepresents a worksheet render which can render worksheet to various images such as (BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF..) The constructor of this class , must be used after modification of pagesetup, cell style.
SheetSetDescribes a set of sheets.
WorkbookPrintingPreviewWorkbook printing preview.
WorkbookRenderRepresents a Workbook render. The constructor of this class , must be used after modification of pagesetup, cell style.


ColorDepthEnumerates Bit Depth Type for tiff image.
CommentTitleTypeRepresents comment title type while rendering when comment is set to display at end of sheet.
DrawObjectEnumIndicate Cell or Image of DrawObject.
ImageBinarizationMethodSpecifies the method used to binarize image.
PdfComplianceAllowing user to set PDF conversion’s Compatibility.
PdfCompressionCoreSpecifies a type of compression applied to all content in the PDF file except images.
PdfCustomPropertiesExportSpecifies the way CustomDocumentPropertyCollection are exported to PDF file.
PdfFontEncodingRepresents pdf embedded font encoding.
PdfOptimizationTypeSpecifies a type of optimization.
TiffCompressionSpecifies what type of compression to apply when saving images into TIFF format file.