Aspose::Cells::Revisions namespace


HighlightChangesOptionsRepresents options of highlighting revsions or changes of shared Excel files.
RevisionRepresents the revision.
RevisionAutoFormatrepresents a revision record of information about a formatting change.
RevisionCellChangeRepresents the revision that changing cells.
RevisionCellCommentRepresents a revision record of a cell comment change.
RevisionCellMoveRepresents a revision record on a cell(s) that moved.
RevisionCollectionRepresents all revision logs.
RevisionCustomViewRepresents a revision record of adding or removing a custom view to the workbook.
RevisionDefinedNameRepresents a revision record of a defined name change.
RevisionFormatRepresents a revision record of information about a formatting change.
RevisionHeaderRepresents a list of specific changes that have taken place for this workbook.
RevisionInsertDeleteRepresents a revision record of a row/column insert/delete action.
RevisionInsertSheetRepresents a revision record of a sheet that was inserted.
RevisionLogRepresents the revision log.
RevisionLogCollectionRepresents all revision logs.
RevisionMergeConflictRepresents a revision record which indicates that there was a merge conflict.
RevisionQueryTableRepresents a revision of a query table field change.
RevisionRenameSheetRepresents a revision of renaming sheet.


RevisionActionTypeRepresents the type of revision action.
RevisionTypeRepresents the revision type.