Provides core apis and features to manipulate spreadsheet files and data directly without utilizing Microsoft Excel.


AboveAverageDescribe the AboveAverage conditional formatting rule.
AbstractCalculationEngineRepresents user’s custom calculation engine to extend the default calculation engine of Aspose.Cells.
AbstractCalculationMonitorMonitor for user to track the progress of formula calculation.
AbstractGlobalizationSettingsRepresents the globalization settings.
AbstractInterruptMonitorMonitor for interruption requests in all time-consuming operations.
AbstractTextLoadOptionsCommon options for loading text values
AccentEquationNodeThis class specifies an accent equation, consisting of a base component and a combining diacritic.
AccessCacheOptionsCache options for data access.
ActiveXControlRepresents the ActiveX control.
ActiveXControlBaseRepresents the ActiveX control.
ActiveXPersistenceTypeRepresents the persistence method to persist an ActiveX control.
AdjustFontSizeForRowTypeRepresents which kind of rows should be ajusted.
AdvancedFilterRepresents the settings of advanced filter.
ArcShapeRepresents the arc shape.
AreaEncapsulates the object that represents an area format.
AutoFillTypeRepresents the auto fill type.
AutoFilterRepresents autofiltering for the specified worksheet.
AutoFitMergedCellsTypeRepresents the type of auto fitting merged cells.
AutoFitWrappedTextTypeRepresents the type of auto fitting wrapped text.
AutoFitterOptionsRepresents all auto fitter options.
AutoNumberedBulletValueRepresents automatic numbered bullet.
AutoShapeTypeRepresents all built-in auto shape type.
AutomaticFillrepresents automatic fill.
AxisEncapsulates the object that represents an axis of chart.
AxisBinsRepresents axis bins
AxisTypeRepresents the axis type.
BackgroundModeRepresents the display mode of the background.
BackgroundTypeEnumerates cell background pattern types.
Bar3DShapeTypeRepresents the shape used with the 3-D bar or column chart.
BarEquationNodeThis class specifies the bar equation, consisting of a base argument and an overbar or underbar.
BaseShapeGuideRepresents the shape guide.
BevelRepresents a bevel of a shape
BevelPresetTypeRepresents a preset for a type of bevel which can be applied to a shape in 3D.
BevelTypeRepresents a preset for a type of bevel which can be applied to a shape in 3D.
BorderEncapsulates the object that represents the cell border.
BorderBoxEquationNodeThis class specifies the Border Box function, consisting of a border drawn around an equation.
BorderCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Border objects.
BorderTypeEnumerates the border line and diagonal line types.
BoxEquationNodeThis class specifies the box function, which is used to group components of an equation.
BubbleSizeRepresentsRepresents what the bubble size represents on a bubble chart.
BuiltInDocumentPropertyCollectionA collection of built-in document properties.
BuiltinStyleTypeRepresents all built-in style types.
BulletRepresents the bullet points should be applied to a paragraph.
BulletTypeRepresents the type of the bullet.
BulletValueRepresents the value of the bullet.
ButtonRepresents the Forms control: Button
CalcModeTypeRepresents the mode type of calculating formulas.
CalculationCellRepresents the calculation relevant data about one cell which is being calculated.
CalculationDataRepresents the required data when calculating one function, such as function name, parameters, …etc.
CalculationOptionsRepresents options for calculation.
CalculationPrecisionStrategyEnumerates strategies for handling calculation precision.
CategoryTypeRepresents the category axis type.
CellEncapsulates the object that represents a single Workbook cell.
CellAreaRepresent an area of cells.
CellBorderTypeEnumerates a cell’s border type.
CellValueRepresents the cell value and corresponding type.
CellValueFormatStrategySpecifies how to apply style for the value of the cell.
CellValueTypeSpecifies a cell value type.
CellWatchRepresents Cell Watch Item in the ‘watch window’.
CellWatchCollectionRepresents the collection of cells on this worksheet being watched in the ‘watch window’.
CellsEncapsulates a collection of cell relevant objects, such as Cell, Row, …etc.
CellsColorRepresents all types of color.
CellsDataTableFactoryUtility to build ICellsDataTable from custom objects for user’s convenience.
CellsDrawingRepresents the auto shape and drawing object.
CellsExceptionThe exception that is thrown when Aspose.Cells specified error occurs.
CellsFactoryUtility for instantiating classes of Cells model.
CellsHelperProvides helper functions.
CellsUnitTypeSpecifies the unit of measurement.
CharacterBulletValueRepresents the character bullet.
ChartEncapsulates the object that represents a single Excel chart.
ChartAreaEncapsulates the object that represents the chart area in the worksheet.
ChartCalculateOptionsRepresents the options for calculating chart.
ChartCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Chart objects.
ChartDataTableRepresents a chart data table.
ChartFrameEncapsulates the object that represents the frame object in a chart.
ChartGlobalizationSettingsRepresents the globalization settings for chart.
ChartLineFormattingTypeRepresents line format type of chart line.
ChartMarkerTypeRepresents the marker style in a line chart, scatter chart, or radar chart.
ChartPointRepresents a single point in a series in a chart.
ChartPointCollectionRepresents a collection that contains all the points in one series.
ChartShapeRepresents the shape of the chart.
ChartSplitTypeRepresents the way the two sections of either a pie of pie chart or a bar of pie chart are split.
ChartTextDirectionTypeRepresents the text direction type of the chart.
ChartTextFrameEncapsulates the object that represents the frame object which contains text.
ChartTypeEnumerates all chart types used in Excel.
CheckBoxRepresents a check box object in a worksheet.
CheckBoxActiveXControlRepresents a CheckBox ActiveX control.
CheckBoxCollectionRepresents a collection of CheckBox objects in a worksheet.
CheckValueTypeRepresents the check value type of the check box.
CollectionBaseProvides the abstract base class for a strongly typed collection.
ColorRepresents an ARGB (alpha, red, green, blue) color.
ColorDepthEnumerates Bit Depth Type for tiff image.
ColorFilterRepresents filtering the range by color.
ColorHelperProvides helper functions about color.
ColorScaleDescribe the ColorScale conditional formatting rule.
ColorTypeRepresents all color type
ColumnRepresents a single column in a worksheet.
ColumnCollectionCollection of the Column objects that represent the individual column(setting)s in a worksheet.
ComboBoxRepresents the control form ComboBox.
ComboBoxActiveXControlRepresents a ComboBox ActiveX control.
CommandButtonActiveXControlRepresents a command button.
CommentEncapsulates the object that represents a cell comment.
CommentCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Comment objects.
CommentShapeRepresents the shape of the comment.
CommentTitleTypeRepresents comment title type while rendering when comment is set to display at end of sheet.
ConditionalFormattingCollectionEncapsulates a collection of FormatCondition objects.
ConditionalFormattingIconRepresents the custom icon of conditional formatting rule.
ConditionalFormattingIconCollectionRepresents a collection of ConditionalFormattingIcon objects.
ConditionalFormattingResultRepresents the result of conditional formatting which applies to a cell.
ConditionalFormattingValueDescribes the values of the interpolation points in a gradient scale, dataBar or iconSet.
ConditionalFormattingValueCollectionDescribes a collection of CFValueObject.
ConnectionDataSourceTypeSpecifies external database source type
ConnectionParameterSpecifies properties about any parameters used with external data connections Parameters are valid for ODBC and web queries.
ConnectionParameterCollectionSpecifies the ConnectionParameter collection
ConnectionParameterTypeSpecifies the parameter type of external connection
ConsolidationFunctionRepresents consolidation function.
ContentTypePropertyRepresents identifier information.
ContentTypePropertyCollectionA collection of ContentTypeProperty objects that represent additional information.
ControlBorderTypeRepresents the border type of the ActiveX control.
ControlCaptionAlignmentTypeRepresents the position of the Caption relative to the control.
ControlListStyleRepresents the visual appearance of the list in a ListBox or ComboBox.
ControlMatchEntryTypeRepresents how a ListBox or ComboBox searches its list as the user types.
ControlMousePointerTypeRepresents the type of icon displayed as the mouse pointer for the control.
ControlPictureAlignmentTypeRepresents the alignment of the picture inside the Form or Image.
ControlPicturePositionTypeRepresents the location of the control’s picture relative to its caption.
ControlPictureSizeModeRepresents how to display the picture.
ControlScrollBarTypeRepresents the type of scroll bar.
ControlScrollOrientationRepresents type of scroll orientation
ControlSpecialEffectTypeRepresents the type of special effect.
ControlTypeRepresents all type of ActiveX control.
CopyFormatTypeRepresents type of copying format when inserting rows.
CopyOptionsRepresents the copy options.
CountryCodeRepresents Excel country identifiers.
CredentialsMethodTypeSpecifies Credentials method used for server access.
CrossTypeRepresents the axis cross type.
CustomDocumentPropertyCollectionA collection of custom document properties.
CustomFilterRepresents the custom filter.
CustomFilterCollectionRepresents the custom filters.
CustomFunctionDefinitionDefinition of custom function for calculating with user’s custom engine.
CustomGeometryRepresents a custom geometric shape.
CustomImplementationFactoryFactory to create some instances which may be re-implemented by user for special purpose.
CustomPiovtFieldGroupItemRepresents an item of custom grouped field.
CustomPropertyRepresents identifier information.
CustomPropertyCollectionA collection of CustomProperty objects that represent additional information.
CustomXmlPartRepresents a Custom XML Data Storage Part (custom XML data within a package).
CustomXmlPartCollectionRepresents a Custom XML Data Storage Part (custom XML data within a package).
CustomXmlShapeRepresents Custom xml shape ,such as Ink.
DBConnectionSpecifies all properties associated with an ODBC or OLE DB external data connection.
DataBarDescribe the DataBar conditional formatting rule.
DataBarAxisPositionSpecifies the axis position for a range of cells with conditional formatting as data bars.
DataBarBorderRepresents the border of the data bars specified by a conditional formatting rule.
DataBarBorderTypeSpecifies the border type of a data bar.
DataBarFillTypeSpecifies how a data bar is filled with color.
DataBarNegativeColorTypeSpecifies whether to use the same border and fill color as positive data bars.
DataLabelShapeTypeSpecifies the preset shape geometry that is to be used for a chart.
DataLabelsEncapsulates a collection of all the DataLabel objects for the specified Series.
DataLabelsSeparatorTypeRepresents the separator type of DataLabels.
DataMashupRepresents mashup data.
DataModelConnectionSpecifies a data model connection
DataSorterSummary description for DataSorter.
DataSorterKeyRepresents the key of the data sorter.
DataSorterKeyCollectionRepresents the key list of data sorter.
DateTimeRepresents an instant in time, typically expressed as a date and time of day.
DateTimeGroupItemRepresents the datetime’s group setting.
DateTimeGroupingTypeSpecifies how to group dateTime values.
DefaultEditLanguageRepresents the default edit language.
DefaultStyleSettingsSettings for the default values of workbook’s style properties.
DeleteBlankOptionsRepresents the setting of deleting blank cells/rows/columns.
DeleteOptionsRepresents the setting of deleting rows/columns.
DelimiterEquationNodeThis class specifies the delimiter equation, consisting of opening and closing delimiters (such as parentheses, braces, brackets, and vertical bars), and a component contained inside.
DialogBoxRepresents the dialog box.
DifSaveOptionsRepresents the options of saving dif file.
DigitalSignatureSignature in file.
DigitalSignatureCollectionProvides a collection of digital signatures attached to a document.
DirectoryTypeRepresents the directory type of the file name.
DisplayDrawingObjectsRepresents whether and how to show objects in the workbook.
DisplayUnitLabelRepresents the display unit label.
DisplayUnitTypeRepresents the type of display unit of chart’s axis.
DocumentPropertyRepresents a custom or built-in document property.
DocumentPropertyCollectionBase class for BuiltInDocumentPropertyCollection and CustomDocumentPropertyCollection collections.
DocxSaveOptionsRepresents options of saving .docx file.
DrawObjectDrawObject will be initialized and returned when rendering.
DrawObjectEnumIndicate Cell or Image of DrawObject.
DrawObjectEventHandlerInterface to get DrawObject and Bound when rendering.
DropBarsRepresents the up/down bars in a chart.
DropButtonStyleRepresents the symbol displayed on the drop button.
DxfCollectionRepresents the master differential formatting records.
DynamicFilterRepresents the dynamic filter.
DynamicFilterTypeDynamic filter type.
EbookLoadOptionsRepresents options when importing an ebook file.
EbookSaveOptionsRepresents the options for saving ebook file.
EmfRenderSettingSetting for rendering Emf metafile.
EncodingRepresents a character encoding.
EncryptionTypeEncryption Type.
EquationCharacterPositionTypeSpecifies the position of a particular subobject within its parent
EquationCombiningCharacterTypeType of combining characters.
EquationComponentNodeThis class specifies the components of an equation or mathematical expression.
EquationDelimiterShapeTypeThis specifies the shape of delimiters in the delimiter object.
EquationFractionTypeThis specifies the display style of the fraction bar.
EquationHorizontalJustificationTypeThis specifies the default horizontal justification of equations in the document.
EquationLimitLocationTypeSpecifies the limit location on an operator.
EquationMathematicalOperatorTypeMathematical Operators Type
EquationNodeAbstract class for deriving other equation nodes.
EquationNodeParagraphThis class specifies a mathematical paragraph containing one or more MathEquationNode(OMath) elements.
EquationNodeTypeEquation node type.
EquationVerticalJustificationTypeThis specifies the default vertical justification of equations in the document.
ErrorBarRepresents error bar of data series.
ErrorBarDisplayTypeRepresents error bar display type.
ErrorBarTypeRepresents error bar amount type.
ErrorCheckOptionError check setting applied on certain ranges.
ErrorCheckOptionCollectionRepresents all error check option.
ErrorCheckTypeRepresents all error check type.
ExceptionTypeRepresents custom exception type code.
ExportObjectEventThe event triggered when exporting an object, such as Picture.
ExportRangeToJsonOptionsIndicates the options that exporting range to json.
ExportTableOptionsRepresents all export table options.
ExternalConnectionSpecifies an external data connection
ExternalConnectionCollectionSpecifies the ExternalConnection collection
ExternalLinkRepresents an external link in a workbook.
ExternalLinkCollectionRepresents external links collection in a workbook.
ExternalLinkTypeRepresents the type of external link.
FileFontSourceRepresents the single TrueType font file stored in the file system.
FileFormatInfoContains data returned by FileFormatUtil file format detection methods.
FileFormatTypeRepresents the file format types.
FileFormatUtilProvides utility methods for converting file format enums to strings or file extensions and back.
FillRepresents the fill format of the shape.
FillFormatEncapsulates the object that represents fill formatting for a shape.
FillPatternEnumerates shape fill pattern types.
FillPictureTypeRepresents the picture fill type.
FillTypeFill format type.
FilterColumnRepresents a filter for a single column.
FilterColumnCollectionA collection of Filter objects that represents all the filters in an autofiltered range.
FilterOperatorTypeCustom Filter operator type.
FilterTypeThe filter type.
FindOptionsRepresents find options.
FloorEncapsulates the object that represents the floor of a 3-D chart.
FolderFontSourceRepresents the folder that contains TrueType font files.
FontEncapsulates the font object used in a spreadsheet.
FontConfigsSpecifies font settings
FontSchemeTypeRepresents the scheme type of the font.
FontSettingRepresents a range of characters within the cell text.
FontSettingCollectionRepresents the list of FontSetting.
FontSourceBaseThis is an abstract base class for the classes that allow the user to specify various font sources
FontSourceTypeSpecifies the type of a font source.
FontUnderlineTypeEnumerates the font underline types.
Format3DThis class specifies the 3D shape properties for a chart element or shape.
FormatConditionRepresents conditional formatting condition.
FormatConditionCollectionRepresents conditional formatting.
FormatConditionTypeConditional format rule type.
FormatConditionValueTypeCondition value type.
FormatSetTypeFill format set type.
FormattingTypeRepresents the type of formatting applied to an Area object or a Line object.
FormulaParseOptionsRepresents options when parsing formula.
FormulaSettingsSettings of formulas and calculation.
FractionEquationNodeThis class specifies the fraction equation, consisting of a numerator and denominator separated by a fraction bar.
FunctionEquationNodeThis class specifies the Function-Apply equation, which consists of a function name and an argument acted upon.
GeometryRepresents a geometric shape.
GlobalizationSettingsRepresents the globalization settings.
GlowEffectThis class specifies a glow effect, in which a color blurred outline is added outside the edges of the object.
GradientColorTypeRepresents the gradient color type for the specified fill.
GradientDirectionTypeRepresents all direction type of gradient.
GradientFillRepresents the gradient fill.
GradientFillTypeRepresents all Gradient fill type.
GradientPresetTypeRepresents gradient preset color type.
GradientStopRepresents the gradient stop.
GradientStopCollectionRepresents the gradient stop collection.
GradientStyleTypeRepresents gradient shading style.
GridlineTypeEnumerates grid line Type.
GroupBoxEncapsulates the object that represents a groupbox in a spreadsheet.
GroupCharacterEquationNodeThis class specifies the Group-Character function, consisting of a character drawn above or below text, often with the purpose of visually grouping items.
GroupFillRepresents this fill format should inherit the fill properties of the group.
GroupShapeRepresents the group shape which contains the individual shapes.
HeaderFooterCommandRepresents the command of header/footer
HeaderFooterCommandTypeRepresents the command type of header and footer.
HighlightChangesOptionsRepresents options of highlighting revsions or changes of shared Excel files.
HorizontalPageBreakEncapsulates the object that represents a horizontal page break.
HorizontalPageBreakCollectionEncapsulates a collection of HorizontalPageBreak objects.
HtmlCrossTypeRepresents five types of html cross string.
HtmlExportDataOptionsRepresents the options for exporting html data.
HtmlFormatHandlingTypeSpecifies how to handle formatting from the HTML source
HtmlHiddenColDisplayTypeRepresents two types of showing the hidden columns in html.
HtmlHiddenRowDisplayTypeRepresents two types of showing the hidden rows in html.
HtmlLinkTargetTypeRepresents the type of target attribute in HTML tag.
HtmlLoadOptionsRepresents options when importing a html file.
HtmlSaveOptionsRepresents the options for saving html file.
HtmlTableLoadOptionRepresents the option when import table from html.
HtmlTableLoadOptionCollectionRepresents the table options when importing html.
HyperlinkEncapsulates the object that represents a hyperlink.
HyperlinkCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Hyperlink objects.
IconFilterRepresents icon filter.
IconSetDescribe the IconSet conditional formatting rule.
IconSetTypeIcon set type for conditional formatting.
ImageActiveXControlRepresents the image control.
ImageBinarizationMethodSpecifies the method used to binarize image.
ImageFormatSpecifies the file format of the image.
ImageOrPrintOptionsAllows to specify options when rendering worksheet to images, printing worksheet or rendering chart to image.
ImageSaveOptionsRepresents image save options.
ImageTypeSpecifies the type (format) of an image.
ImportTableOptionsRepresents the options of importing data into cells.
IndividualFontConfigsFont configs for each Workbook object.
InputMethodEditorModeRepresents the default run-time mode of the Input Method Editor.
InsertOptionsRepresents the options of inserting.
InterruptMonitorRepresents all operator about the interrupt.
JsonExportHyperlinkTypeRepresents type of exporting hyperlinks to json.
JsonLayoutOptionsRepresents the options of json layout type.
JsonLoadOptionsRepresents the options of loading json files
JsonSaveOptionsRepresents the options of saving the workbook as a json file.
JsonUtilityRepresents the utility class of processing json.
LabelEncapsulates the object that represents a label in a spreadsheet.
LabelActiveXControlRepresents the label ActiveX control.
LabelPositionTypeRepresents data label position type.
LegendEncapsulates the object that represents the chart legend.
LegendEntryRepresents a legend entry in a chart legend.
LegendEntryCollectionRepresents a collection of all the LegendEntry objects in the specified chart legend.
LegendPositionTypeEnumerates the legend position types.
LicenseProvides methods to license the component.
LightRigDirectionTypeRepresents the light rig direction type.
LightRigTypeRepresents a preset light right that can be applied to a shape
LineEncapsulates the object that represents the line format.
LineCapTypeRepresents the caps of a line
LineFormatRepresents all setting of the line.
LineJoinTypeRepresents the join styles of a line.
LineShapeRepresents the line shape.
LineSpaceSizeTypeRepresents the unit type of line space size.
LineTypeEnumerates the type of Picture border or Chart line.
ListBoxRepresents a list box object.
ListBoxActiveXControlRepresents a ListBox ActiveX control.
ListColumnRepresents a column in a Table.
ListColumnCollectionRepresents A collection of all the ListColumn objects in the specified ListObject object.
ListObjectRepresents a list object on a worksheet.
ListObjectCollectionRepresents a collection of ListObject objects in the worksheet.
LoadDataFilterOptionsRepresents the options to filter data when loading workbook from template.
LoadFilterRepresents the filter that provides options for loading data when loading workbook from template.
LoadFormatRepresents the load file format.
LoadNumbersTableTypeIndicates type of loading tables when some tables are in a sheet.
LoadOptionsRepresents the options of loading the file.
LookAtTypeRepresents look at type.
LookInTypeRepresents look in type.
MapChartLabelLayoutRepresents the layout of map chart’s labels.
MapChartProjectionTypeRepresents projection type of the map chart.
MapChartRegionTypeRepresents the region type of the map chart.
MarkdownSaveOptionsRepresents the save options for markdown.
MarkerRepresents the marker in a line chart, scatter chart, or radar chart.
MathematicalEquationNodeThis class specifies an equation or mathematical expression.
MatrixEquationNodeThis class specifies the Matrix equation, consisting of one or more elements laid out in one or more rows and one or more columns.
MemoryFontSourceRepresents the single TrueType font file stored in memory.
MemorySettingMemory usage options.
MergeEmptyTdTypeRepresents the merge type for empty TD element when exporting file to html.
MetadataOptionsRepresents the options of loading metadata of the file.
MetadataTypeRepresents the type of metadata.
MeteredProvides methods to set metered key.
MirrorTypeRepresents mirror type of texture fill
MsoArrowheadLengthEnumerates the line end width of the shape border line.
MsoArrowheadStyleEnumerates the line end type of the shape border line.
MsoArrowheadWidthEnumerates the line end width of the shape border line.
MsoDrawingTypeRepresents office drawing objects type.
MsoFillFormatRepresents fill formatting for a shape.
MsoFillFormatHelperRepresents fill formatting for a shape.
MsoFormatPictureRepresents the picture format.
MsoLineDashStyleRepresents style of dash drawing lines.
MsoLineFormatRepresents line and arrowhead formatting.
MsoLineFormatHelperRepresents line and arrowhead formatting.
MsoLineStyleRepresents style of drawing lines.
MsoPresetTextEffectRepresents preset text effect type of WordArt.
MsoPresetTextEffectShapeRepresents preset text effect shape type of WordArt.
MsoTextFrameRepresents the text frame in a Shape object.
MultipleFilterCollectionRepresents the multiple filter collection.
NameRepresents a defined name for a range of cells.
NameCollectionRepresents a collection of all the Name objects in the spreadsheet.
NameScopeTypeRepresents the scope type of defined names.
NaryEquationNodeThis class specifies an n-ary operator equation consisting of an n-ary operator, a base (or operand), and optional upper and lower bounds.
NegativeBarFormatRepresents the color settings of the data bars for negative values that are defined by a data bar conditional formatting rule.
NoneBulletValueRepresents no bullet.
NoneFillRepresents no fill.
NumberCategoryTypeRepresents category type of cell’s number formatting.
NumbersLoadOptionsRepresents the options of loading Apple Numbers files.
OLEDBCommandTypeSpecifies the OLE DB command type.
OdsCellFieldRepresents the cell field of ods.
OdsCellFieldCollectionRepresents the fields of ODS.
OdsCellFieldTypeRepresents the cell field type of ods.
OdsGeneratorTypeRepresents the type of ODS generator.
OdsLoadOptionsRepresents the options of loading ods file.
OdsPageBackgroundRepresents the page background of ods.
OdsPageBackgroundGraphicPositionTypeRepresents the position.
OdsPageBackgroundGraphicTypeRepresents the type of formatting page background with image.
OdsPageBackgroundTypeRepresents the page background type of ods.
OdsSaveOptionsRepresents the options of saving ods file.
OleObjectRepresents an OleObject in a worksheet.
OleObjectCollectionRepresents embedded OLE objects.
OoxmlComplianceAllows to specify which OOXML specification will be used when saving in the Xlsx format.
OoxmlCompressionTypeThe Ooxml compression type
OoxmlSaveOptionsRepresents the options of saving office open xml file.
OpenDocumentFormatVersionTypeOpen Document Format version type.
OperatorTypeRepresents the operator type of conditional format and data validation.
OutlineRepresents an outline on a worksheet.
OvalRepresents the oval shape.
PageEndSavingArgsInfo for a page ends saving process.
PageLayoutAlignmentTypeEnumerates page layout alignment types.
PageOrientationTypeRepresents print orientation constants.
PageSavingArgsInfo for a page saving process.
PageSetupEncapsulates the object that represents the page setup description.
PageStartSavingArgsInfo for a page starts saving process.
PaginatedSaveOptionsRepresents the options for pagination.
PaneCollectionRepresents all Pane objects shown in the specified window.
PaneStateTypeRepresents state of the sheet’s pane.
PaperSizeTypeRepresents paper size constants.
ParameterTypeRepresents all parameters’ type or return value type of function.
PasteOperationTypeRepresents operation type when pasting range.
PasteOptionsRepresents the paste special options.
PasteTypeRepresents the paste special type.
PatternFillEncapsulates the object that represents pattern fill format
PdfBookmarkEntryPdfBookmarkEntry is an entry in pdf bookmark.
PdfComplianceAllowing user to set PDF conversion’s Compatibility
PdfCompressionCoreSpecifies a type of compression applied to all content in the PDF file except images.
PdfCustomPropertiesExportSpecifies the way CustomDocumentPropertyCollection are exported to PDF file.
PdfFontEncodingRepresents pdf embedded font encoding.
PdfOptimizationTypeSpecifies a type of optimization.
PdfSaveOptionsRepresents the options for saving pdf file.
PdfSecurityOptionsOptions for encrypting and access permissions for a PDF document.
PicFormatOptionRepresents picture format option
PictureEncapsulates the object that represents a single picture in a spreadsheet.
PictureBulletValueRepresents the value of the image bullet.
PictureCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Picture objects.
PivotAreaPresents the selected area of the PivotTable.
PivotAreaFilterRepresents the filter of PivotArea for PivotTable.
PivotAreaFilterCollectionRepresents the list of filters for PivotArea
PivotAreaTypeIndicates the type of rule being used to describe an area or aspect of the PivotTable.
PivotConditionFormatRuleTypeRepresents PivotTable condition formatting rule type.
PivotConditionFormatScopeTypeRepresents PivotTable condition formatting scope type.
PivotDateTimeRangeGroupSettingsRepresents the field grouped by date time range.
PivotDiscreteGroupSettingsRrepsents the discrete group of pivot field
PivotFieldRepresents a field in a PivotTable report.
PivotFieldCollectionRepresents a collection of all the PivotField objects in the PivotTable’s specific PivotFields type.
PivotFieldDataDisplayFormatRepresents data display format in the PivotTable data field.
PivotFieldGroupSettingsRepresents the group setting of pivot field.
PivotFieldGroupTypeRepresents the group type of pivot field.
PivotFieldSubtotalTypeSummary description for PivotFieldSubtotalType.
PivotFieldTypeRepresents PivotTable field type.
PivotFilterRepresents a PivotFilter in PivotFilter Collection.
PivotFilterCollectionRepresents a collection of all the PivotFilter objects
PivotFilterTypeRepresents PivotTable Filter type.
PivotFormatConditionRepresents a PivotTable Format Condition in PivotFormatCondition Collection.
PivotFormatConditionCollectionRepresents PivotTable Format Conditions.
PivotGlobalizationSettingsRepresents the globalization settings for pivot tables.
PivotGroupByTypeRepresents group by type.
PivotItemRepresents a item in a PivotField report.
PivotItemCollectionRepresents a collection of all the PivotItem objects in the PivotField’s
PivotItemPositionRepresents PivotTable base item Next/Previous/All position in the base field .
PivotMissingItemLimitTypeRepresents number of items to retain per field.
PivotNumbericRangeGroupSettingsRepresents the numberic range group of the pivot field.
PivotOptionsRepresents a complex type that specifies the pivot controls that appear on the chart
PivotPageFieldsRepresents the pivot page field items if the pivot table data source is consolidation ranges.
PivotTableSummary description for PivotTable.
PivotTableAutoFormatTypeRepresents PivotTable auto format type.
PivotTableCollectionRepresents the collection of all the PivotTable objects on the specified worksheet.
PivotTableFormatRepresents the format defined in the PivotTable.
PivotTableFormatCollectionRepresents the collection of formats applied to PivotTable.
PivotTableRefreshOptionRepresents the options of refreshing data source of the pivot table.
PivotTableSelectionTypeSpecifies what can be selected in a PivotTable during a structured selection.
PivotTableStyleTypeRepresents the pivot table style type.
PlacementTypeRepresents the way the drawing object is attached to the cells below it.
PlotAreaEncapsulates the object that represents the plot area in a chart.
PlotDataByTypeRepresents the type of data plot by row or column.
PlotEmptyCellsTypeRepresents all plot empty cells type of a chart.
PowerQueryFormulaRepresents the definition of power query formula.
PowerQueryFormulaCollectionRepresents all power query formulas in the mashup data.
PowerQueryFormulaFunctionRepresents the function of power query.
PowerQueryFormulaItemRepresents the item of the power query formula.
PowerQueryFormulaItemCollectionRepresents all item of the power query formula.
PowerQueryFormulaParameterRepresents the parameter of power query formula.
PowerQueryFormulaParameterCollectionRepresents the parameters of power query formula.
PptxSaveOptionsRepresents the pptx save options.
PresetCameraTypeRepresent different algorithmic methods for setting all camera properties, including position.
PresetMaterialTypeDescribes surface appearance of a shape.
PresetShadowTypeRepresents preset shadow type.
PresetThemeGradientTypeRepresents the preset theme gradient type.
PresetWordArtStyleRepresents the preset WordArt styles.
PrintCommentsTypeRepresents the way comments are printed with the sheet.
PrintErrorsTypeRepresents print errors constants.
PrintOrderTypeRepresent print order constants.
PrintSizeTypeRepresents the printed chart size.
PrintingPageTypeIndicates which pages will not be printed.
PropertyTypeSpecifies data type of a document property.
ProtectedRangeA specified range to be allowed to edit when the sheet protection is ON.
ProtectedRangeCollectionEncapsulates a collection of ProtectedRange objects.
ProtectionRepresents the various types of protection options available for a worksheet.
ProtectionTypeRepresents workbook/worksheet protection type.
QuartileCalculationTypeRepresents quartile calculation methods.
QueryTableRepresents QueryTable information.
QueryTableCollectionA collection of QueryTableCollection objects that represent QueryTable collection information.
RadicalEquationNodeThis class specifies the radical equation, consisting of an optional degree deg(EquationNodeType.Degree) and a base.
RadioButtonRepresents a radio button.
RadioButtonActiveXControlRepresents a RadioButton ActiveX control.
RangeEncapsulates the object that represents a range of cells within a spreadsheet.
RangeCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Range objects.
ReConnectionMethodTypeSpecifies what the spreadsheet application should do when a connection fails.
RectangleAlignmentTypeRepresents how to position two rectangles relative to each other.
RectangleShapeRepresents the rectangle shape.
ReferredAreaRepresents a referred area by the formula.
ReferredAreaCollectionRepresents all referred cells and areas.
ReflectionEffectThis class specifies a reflection effect.
ReflectionEffectTypeRepresents the effect type of reflection.
RenameStrategyStrategy option for duplicate names of columns.
RenderingFontFont for rendering.
RenderingWatermarkWatermark for rendering.
ReplaceOptionsRepresent the replace options.
ReserveMissingPivotItemTypeRepresents how to keep the missing pivot items.
ResourceLoadingTypeRepresents how to loading the linked resource.
RevisionRepresents the revision.
RevisionActionTypeRepresents the type of revision action.
RevisionAutoFormatrepresents a revision record of information about a formatting change.
RevisionCellChangeRepresents the revision that changing cells.
RevisionCellCommentRepresents a revision record of a cell comment change.
RevisionCellMoveRepresents a revision record on a cell(s) that moved.
RevisionCollectionRepresents all revision logs.
RevisionCustomViewRepresents a revision record of adding or removing a custom view to the workbook
RevisionDefinedNameRepresents a revision record of a defined name change.
RevisionFormatRepresents a revision record of information about a formatting change.
RevisionHeaderRepresents a list of specific changes that have taken place for this workbook.
RevisionInsertDeleteRepresents a revision record of a row/column insert/delete action.
RevisionInsertSheetRepresents a revision record of a sheet that was inserted.
RevisionLogRepresents the revision log.
RevisionLogCollectionRepresents all revision logs.
RevisionMergeConflictRepresents a revision record which indicates that there was a merge conflict.
RevisionQueryTableRepresents a revision of a query table field change.
RevisionRenameSheetRepresents a revision of renaming sheet.
RevisionTypeRepresents the revision type.
RowRepresents a single row in a worksheet.
RowCollectionCollects the Row objects that represent the individual rows in a worksheet.
SaveFormatRepresents the format in which the workbook is saved.
SaveOptionsRepresents all save options
ScenarioRepresents an individual scenario.
ScenarioCollectionRepresents the list of scenarios.
ScenarioInputCellRepresents input cell for the scenario.
ScenarioInputCellCollectionRepresents the list of the scenario’s input cells.
ScrollBarRepresents a scroll bar object.
ScrollBarActiveXControlRepresents the ScrollBar control.
SelectionTypeThe selection type of list box.
SeriesEncapsulates the object that represents a single data series in a chart.
SeriesCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Series objects.
SeriesLayoutPropertiesRepresents the properties of series layout.
SettableChartGlobalizationSettingsImplementation of PivotGlobalizationSettings that supports user to set/change pre-defined texts.
SettableGlobalizationSettingsImplementation of GlobalizationSettings that supports user to set/change pre-defined texts.
SettablePivotGlobalizationSettingsImplementation of PivotGlobalizationSettings that supports user to set/change pre-defined texts.
ShadowEffectThis class specifies the shadow effect of the chart element or shape.
ShapeRepresents the msodrawing object.
ShapeAnchorTypeRepresents the anchor type.
ShapeCollectionRepresents all the shape in a worksheet/chart.
ShapeGuideEncapsulates a shape guide specifies the presence of a shape guide that will be used to govern the geometry of the specified shape
ShapeGuideCollectionEncapsulates a collection of shape guide
ShapeLockTypeRepresents type of the property to be locked.
ShapePathRepresents a creation path consisting of a series of moves, lines and curves that when combined will form a geometric shape.
ShapePathCollectionRepresents path collection information in NotPrimitive autoshape
ShapePathPointRepresents an x-y coordinate within the path coordinate space.
ShapePathPointCollectionRepresents all shape path points.
ShapePathTypeRepresents path segment type.
ShapePropertyCollectionThis class specifies the visual shape properties for a chart element or shape.
ShapeSegmentPathRepresents a segment path in a path of the freeform.
ShapeSegmentPathCollectionRepresents a creation path consisting of a series of moves, lines and curves that when combined will form a geometric shape.
ShapeTextAlignmentRepresents the setting of shape’s text alignment;
SheetPrintingPreviewWorksheet printing preview.
SheetRenderRepresents a worksheet render which can render worksheet to various images such as (BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF..)
SheetSetDescribes a set of sheets.
SheetTypeSpecifies the worksheet type.
ShiftTypeRepresent the shift options when deleting a range of cells.
ShowDropButtonTypeSpecifies when to show the drop button
SignatureLineRepresent the signature line.
Slicersummary description of Slicer View
SlicerCachesummary description of slicer cache
SlicerCacheCrossFilterTypeRepresent the type of SlicerCacheCrossFilterType
SlicerCacheItemRepresent slicer data source item
SlicerCacheItemCollectionRepresent the collection of SlicerCacheItem
SlicerCacheItemSortTypeSpecify the sort type of SlicerCacheItem
SlicerCollectionSpecifies the collection of all the Slicer objects on the specified worksheet.
SlicerStyleTypeSpecify the style of slicer view
SlideViewTypeRepresents the type when exporting to slides.
SmartArtShapeRepresents the smart art.
SmartTagRepresents a smart tag.
SmartTagCollectionRepresents all smart tags in the cell.
SmartTagOptionsRepresents the options of the smart tag.
SmartTagPropertyRepresents the property of the cell smart tag.
SmartTagPropertyCollectionRepresents all properties of cell smart tag.
SmartTagSettingRepresents all SmartTagCollection object in the worksheet.
SmartTagShowTypeRepresents the show type of the smart tag.
SolidFillEncapsulates the object that represents solid fill format
SortOnTypeSorted value type.
SortOrderRepresents sort order for the data range.
SparklineA sparkline represents a tiny chart or graphic in a worksheet cell that provides a visual representation of data.
SparklineAxisMinMaxTypeRepresents the minimum and maximum value types for the sparkline vertical axis.
SparklineCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Sparkline objects.
SparklineGroupSparkline is organized into sparkline group.
SparklineGroupCollectionEncapsulates a collection of SparklineGroup objects.
SparklinePresetStyleTypeRepresents the preset style types for sparkline.
SparklineTypeRepresents the sparkline types.
SpinButtonActiveXControlRepresents the SpinButton control.
SpinnerRepresents the Forms control: Spinner.
SpreadsheetML2003SaveOptionsRepresents the options for saving Excel 2003 spreadml file.
SqlDataTypeSpecifies SQL data type of the parameter.
SqlScriptColumnTypeMapRepresents column type map.
SqlScriptOperatorTypeRepresents the type of operating data.
SqlScriptSaveOptionsRepresents the options of saving sql.
StreamProviderOptionsRepresents the stream options.
StyleRepresents display style of excel document,such as font,color,alignment,border,etc.
StyleFlagRepresents flags which indicates applied formatting properties.
StyleModifyFlagThe style modified flags.
SubSupEquationNodeThis class specifies an equation that can optionally be superscript or subscript.
SubtotalSettingRepresents the setting of the subtotal .
SvgSaveOptionsRepresents Svg save options.
SxRngRepresents Group Range in a PivotField.
SystemTimeInterruptMonitorSimple implementation of AbstractInterruptMonitor by checking and comparing current system time with user specified limit.
TableDataSourceTypeRepresents the table’s data source type.
TableStyleRepresents the table style.
TableStyleCollectionRepresents all custom table styles.
TableStyleElementRepresents the element of the table style.
TableStyleElementCollectionRepresents all elements of the table style.
TableStyleElementTypeRepresents the Table or PivotTable style element type.
TableStyleTypeRepresents the built-in table style type.
TableToRangeOptionsRepresents the options when converting table to range.
TargetModeTypeRepresents the type of target mode.
TextAlignmentTypeEnumerates text alignment types.
TextAutonumberSchemeRepresents all automatic number scheme.
TextBoxEncapsulates the object that represents a textbox in a spreadsheet.
TextBoxActiveXControlRepresents a text box ActiveX control.
TextBoxCollectionEncapsulates a collection of TextBox objects.
TextCapsTypeThis type specifies the cap types of the text.
TextCrossTypeEnumerates displaying text type when the text width is larger than cell width.
TextDirectionTypeRepresents the direction of the text flow for this paragraph.
TextEffectFormatContains properties and methods that apply to WordArt objects.
TextFontAlignTypeRepresents the different types of font alignment.
TextNodeTypeRepresents the node type.
TextOptionsRepresents the text options.
TextOrientationTypeEnumerates text orientation types.
TextOverflowTypeRepresents the way the text vertical or horizontal overflow.
TextParagraphRepresents the text paragraph setting.
TextParagraphCollectionRepresents all text paragraph.
TextRunEquationNodeThis class in the equation node is used to store the actual content(a sequence of mathematical text) of the equation.
TextStrikeTypeThis type specifies the strike type.
TextTabAlignmentTypeRepresents the text tab alignment types.
TextTabStopRepresents tab stop.
TextTabStopCollectionRepresents the list of all tab stops.
TextVerticalTypeRepresents the text direct type.
TextureFillEncapsulates the object that represents texture fill format
TextureTypeRepresents the preset texture type.
ThemeColorRepresents a theme color.
ThemeColorTypeEnumerates the theme color types.
ThreadInterruptMonitorSimple implementation of AbstractInterruptMonitor by starting another thread to require the interruption after sleeping user specified limit.
ThreadedCommentRepresents the threaded comment.
ThreadedCommentAuthorRepresents the person who creates the threaded comments;
ThreadedCommentAuthorCollectionRepresents all persons who .
ThreadedCommentCollectionRepresents the list of threaded comments.
ThreeDFormatRepresents a shape’s three-dimensional formatting.
TickLabelAlignmentTypeRepresents the text alignment type for the tick labels on the axis
TickLabelItemRepresents a tick label in the chart.
TickLabelPositionTypeRepresents the position type of tick-mark labels on the specified axis.
TickLabelsRepresents the tick-mark labels associated with tick marks on a chart axis.
TickMarkTypeRepresents the tick mark type for the specified axis.
TiffCompressionSpecifies what type of compression to apply when saving images into TIFF format file.
TilePicOptionRepresents tile picture as texture.
TimePeriodTypeUsed in a FormatConditionType.TimePeriod conditional formatting rule.
TimeUnitRepresents the base unit for the category axis.
TimelineSummary description of Timeline View Due to MS Excel, Excel 2003 does not support Timeline
TimelineCollectionSpecifies the collection of all the Timeline objects on the specified worksheet.
TitleEncapsulates the object that represents the title of chart or axis.
ToggleButtonActiveXControlRepresents a ToggleButton ActiveX control.
Top10Describe the Top10 conditional formatting rule.
Top10FilterRepresents the top 10 filter.
TotalsCalculationDetermines the type of calculation in the Totals row of the list column.
TrendlineRepresents a trendline in a chart.
TrendlineCollectionRepresents a collection of all the Trendline objects for the specified data series.
TrendlineTypeRepresents the trendline type.
TwoColorGradientRepresents two color gradient.
TxtLoadOptionsRepresents the options for loading text file.
TxtLoadStyleStrategySpecifies how to apply style for parsed values when converting string value to number or datetime.
TxtSaveOptionsRepresents the save options for csv/tab delimited/other text format.
TxtValueQuoteTypeSpecifies the type of using quotation marks for values in text format files.
UnionRangeRepresents union range.
UnknowEquationNodeEquation node class of unknown type
UnknownControlUnknow control.
UpdateLinksTypeRepresents how to update links to other workbooks when the workbook is opened.
ValidationRepresents data validation.settings.
ValidationAlertTypeRepresents the data validation alert style.
ValidationCollectionRepresents data validation collection.
ValidationTypeRepresents data validation type.
VbaModuleRepresents the module in VBA project.
VbaModuleCollectionRepresents the list of VbaModule
VbaModuleTypeRepresents the type of VBA module.
VbaProjectRepresents the VBA project.
VbaProjectReferenceRepresents the reference of VBA project.
VbaProjectReferenceCollectionRepresents all references of VBA project.
VbaProjectReferenceTypeRepresents the type of VBA project reference.
VerticalPageBreakEncapsulates the object that represents a vertical page break.
VerticalPageBreakCollectionEncapsulates a collection of VerticalPageBreak objects.
ViewTypeRepresents the view type of the worksheet.
VisibilityTypeRepresents the states for sheet visibility.
VmlShapeGuidejust for vml Encapsulates a shape guide specifies the presence of a shape guide that will be used to govern the geometry of the specified shape
WallsEncapsulates the object that represents the walls of a 3-D chart.
WarningInfoWarning info
WebExtensionRepresents an Office Add-in instance.
WebExtensionBindingRepresents a binding relationship between an Office Add-in and the data in the document.
WebExtensionBindingCollectionRepresents the list of binding relationships between an Office Add-in and the data in the document.
WebExtensionCollectionRepresents the list of web extension.
WebExtensionPropertyRepresents an Office Add-in custom property.
WebExtensionPropertyCollectionRepresents the list of web extension properties.
WebExtensionReferenceRepresents identify the provider location and version of the extension.
WebExtensionReferenceCollectionRepresents the list of web extension reference.
WebExtensionShapeRepresents the shape of web extension.
WebExtensionStoreTypeRepresents the store type of web extension.
WebExtensionTaskPaneRepresents a persisted taskpane object.
WebExtensionTaskPaneCollectionRepresents the list of task pane.
WebQueryConnectionSpecifies the properties for a web query source.
WeightTypeEnumerates the weight types for a picture border or a chart line.
WorkbookRepresents a root object to create an Excel spreadsheet.
WorkbookDesignerEncapsulates the object that represents a designer spreadsheet.
WorkbookMetadataRepresents the meta data.
WorkbookPrintingPreviewWorkbook printing preview.
WorkbookRenderRepresents a Workbook render.
WorkbookSettingsRepresents all settings of the workbook.
WorksheetEncapsulates the object that represents a single worksheet.
WorksheetCollectionEncapsulates a collection of Range.#getWorksheet() objects.
WriteProtectionSpecifies write protection settings for a workbook.
XAdESTypeType of XML Advanced Electronic Signature (XAdES).
XlsSaveOptionsRepresents the save options for the Excel 97-2003 file format: xls and xlt.
XlsbSaveOptionsRepresents the options for saving xlsb file.
XmlColumnPropertyRepresents Xml Data Binding information.
XmlDataBindingRepresents Xml Data Binding information.
XmlLoadOptionsRepresents the options of loading xml.
XmlMapRepresents Xml map information.
XmlMapCollectionA collection of ListObject.#getXmlMap() objects that represent XmlMap information.
XmlSaveOptionsRepresents the options of saving the workbook as an xml file.
XpsSaveOptionsRepresents the additional options when saving the file as the Xps.


ICellsDataTableRepresents data table.
ICustomParserAllows users to add their custom value parser for parsing string values to other proper cell value object.
IExportObjectListenerAllows users to manipulate objects while exporting.
IFilePathProviderRepresents the exported file path provider.
IPageSavingCallbackControl/Indicate progress of page saving process.
ISmartMarkerCallBackRepresents callback interface of processing smartmarker.
IStreamProviderRepresents the exported stream provider.
IWarningCallbackCallback interface of warning.
LightCellsDataHandlerRepresents cells data handler for reading large spreadsheet files in light weight mode.
LightCellsDataProviderRepresents Data provider for saving large spreadsheet files in light weight mode.