Provides apis to manipulate components of spreadsheet for web application.


Class Description
BindColumn BindColumn.
BorderCollapseType Collapse type of a table’s border object.
BorderStyle The BorderStyle represents the different border style options for a web control..
CellEventArgs Provides data for cell events.
CollectionBase Provides the abstract base class for a strongly typed collection.
Color Represents an ARGB (alpha, red, green, blue) color.
CustomCommandButton Represents a custom command button in the tab bar of the GridWeb control.
CustomCommandButtonCollection Represents the collection of CustomCommandButton.
CustomCommandButtonType Represents the type of a custom command.
DateTime Represents an instant in time, typically expressed as a date and time of day.
Encoding Represents a character encoding.
ExtPage Represents GridWeb java bean
ExtWebControl Extend the WebControl class, internal use only.
FontInfo The FontInfo represents font-related style information for a web control..
FontSize The FontSize represents font size information for a web control.
FontUnit Represents the size of a font.
GridAbstractCalculationEngine Represents user’s custom calculation engine to extend the default calculation engine of Aspose.Cells.
GridCalculationData Represents the required data when calculating one function, such as function name, parameters, …etc.
GridCell Represents a cell object.
GridCellArea Represents an area of cells.
GridCellErrorType Used in WebCellException.
GridCellException Represents a cell operation error.
GridCells Encapsulates a collection of GridCell objects.
GridColumn Represents a single column in a worksheet.
GridColumnCollection Collects the GridColumn objects that represent the individual columns in a worksheet.
GridComment Encapsulates the object that represents a cell comment.
GridCommentCollection Encapsulates a collection of GridComment objects.
GridHtmlSaveOptions Represents the options for saving html file.
GridHyperlink Encapsulates the object that represents a hyperlink.
GridHyperlinkCollection Encapsulates a collection of GridHyperlink objects.
GridImageType Specifies the type (format) of an image.
GridLines gridline style for a GridView control.
GridLoadOptions Represents the options of loading the file.
GridMsoDrawingType Represents office drawing objects type.
GridName Encapsulates the object that represents a name object.
GridNameCollection Encapsulates a collection of GridName objects.
GridOperatorType Represents the operator type of conditional format and data validation.
GridPicture Encapsulates the object that represents a single picture in a spreadsheet.
GridPictureCollection Encapsulates a collection of GridPicture objects.
GridPivotField Represents a field in a PivotTable report.
GridPivotFieldCollection Encapsulates a collection of GridPivotField objects.
GridPivotFieldFunction Represents consolidation function.
GridPivotFieldType Represents PivotTable field type.
GridPivotItem Represents a item in a PivotField report.
GridPivotItemCollection Encapsulates a collection of GridPivotItem objects.
GridPivotTable Represents a PivotTable report on a worksheet.
GridPivotTableCollection Encapsulates a collection of GridPivotTable objects.
GridReferredArea Represents a referred objcet by the formula.
GridRow Encapsulates the object that represents a single picture in a spreadsheet.
GridRowCollection Encapsulates a collection of GridRow objects.
GridSaveFormat Enumerates supported file format types.
GridSaveOptions Represents all save options
GridShape Represents a shape object.
GridShapeCollection Encapsulates a collection of GridShape objects.
GridShiftType Represent the shift options when deleting a range of cells.
GridTableItemStyle Inherited from System.Web.UI.WebControls.TableItemStyle.
GridTableStyle Inherited from System.Web.UI.WebControls.TableStyle.
GridTxtLoadOptions Represents the options for loading text file.
GridValidation Represents data validation.settings.
GridValidationCollection Encapsulates a collection of GridValidation objects.
GridValidationType Represents data validation type.
GridWebBean Represents GridWeb java bean
GridWebException The exception that is thrown when Aspose.Cells.GridWeb specified error occurs.
GridWorkbook Represents a root object to create an Excel spreadsheet.
GridWorkbookSettings Represents settings of the workbook.
GridWorksheet Encapsulates the object that represents a single worksheet.
GridWorksheetCollection Encapsulates a collection of GridWorksheet objects.
HorizontalAlign horizontal alignment of a GridView control
HyperlinkActionType Hyperlink has two action type: UrlLink and CellCommand.
LayoutFixedType Layout fixed type of a table object.
MainWeb Parent class of GridWeb control.Internal use only.
NumberType Represents the number or datetime format type.
OnErrorActionQuery Used in the CellError event of the GridWeb.
OnErrorActionType Used in CellError event of the GridWeb.
PivotFieldFunction Represents functions used to summarize the PivotTable data field NOTE: This class is now obsolete.
PivotFieldOrientation Represents The location of the field in the specified PivotTable report.
PivotFieldSort Represents the order used to sort the specified PivotTable field.
PivotSourceType Represents the source data type.
PresetStyle Represents the preset style or an GridWeb control.
RowColumnEventArgs Provides data for row/column events.
RowColumnType Represents the row/column type of the row/column events.
SessionMode Represents the session mode of the grid.
SetBorderPosition Represents the border position to be set of a cells range.
SortByOrder Represents what order the data sort by.
SortOrientation Represents sorting orientation SortOrientation.SortTopToBottom represents sorting datas from top to bottom and exchanging data row by row.
SubtotalFunction Represents subtotal function type.
Unit Represents a length measurement
UnitType Specifies the unit of measurement.
VerticalAlign vertical alignment of a GridView control
ViewerStyleTemplate ViewerStyleTemplate.
WebBorderStyle Encapsulates the style of web table or cell border.
WebCellArea NOTE: This class is now obsolete.
WebCellErrorType Used in WebCellException.
WebComment NOTE: This class is now obsolete.
WebWorksheet Represents a web worksheet.
WorksheetDesign Inherited from WebWorksheet.


Interface Description
CellErrorHandler Represents the interface that intend to handle cell error events.
CellEventHandler Represents the interface that intend to handle cell events.
CellEventStringHandler Represents the interface that intend to handle cell events.
CustomCommandEventHandler Represents the interface that intend to handle Custom Command events.
GridCustomServerValidation the interface you need to implement when use server side validation.
RowColumnEventHandler Represents the interface that intend to handle row/column events.
SheetEventHandler Represents the interface that intend to handle sheet events.
WorkbookEventHandler Represents the interface that intend to handle workbook events.