ChartGlobalizationSettings class

Represents the globalization settings for chart.

public class ChartGlobalizationSettings : AbstractGlobalizationSettings


Name Description
ChartGlobalizationSettings() The default constructor.


Name Description
virtual Compare(string, string, bool) Compares two string values according to certain collation rules.
virtual GetAxisTitleName() Gets the name of Title for Axis.
virtual GetAxisUnitName(DisplayUnitType) Gets the Name of Axis Unit.
virtual GetChartTitleName() Gets the name of Chart Title.
virtual GetCollationKey(string, bool) Transforms the string into a comparable object according to certain collation rules.
virtual GetLegendDecreaseName() Gets the name of Decrease for Legend.
virtual GetLegendIncreaseName() Gets the name of increase for Legend.
virtual GetLegendTotalName() Gets the name of Total for Legend.
virtual GetOtherName() Gets the name of “Other” labels for Chart.
virtual GetSeriesName() Gets the name of Series in the Chart.

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