The Aspose.Cells.Drawing.ActiveXControls namespace provides classes that allow to draw and access ActiveXControl.


ActiveXControlRepresents the ActiveX control.
ActiveXControlBaseRepresents the ActiveX control.
CheckBoxActiveXControlRepresents a CheckBox ActiveX control.
ComboBoxActiveXControlRepresents a ComboBox ActiveX control.
CommandButtonActiveXControlRepresents a command button.
ImageActiveXControlRepresents the image control.
LabelActiveXControlRepresents the label ActiveX control.
ListBoxActiveXControlRepresents a ListBox ActiveX control.
RadioButtonActiveXControlRepresents a RadioButton ActiveX control.
ScrollBarActiveXControlRepresents the ScrollBar control.
SpinButtonActiveXControlRepresents the SpinButton control.
TextBoxActiveXControlRepresents a text box ActiveX control.
ToggleButtonActiveXControlRepresents a ToggleButton ActiveX control.
UnknownControlUnknow control.


ActiveXPersistenceTypeRepresents the persistence method to persist an ActiveX control.
ControlBorderTypeRepresents the border type of the ActiveX control.
ControlCaptionAlignmentTypeRepresents the position of the Caption relative to the control.
ControlListStyleRepresents the visual appearance of the list in a ListBox or ComboBox.
ControlMatchEntryTypeRepresents how a ListBox or ComboBox searches its list as the user types.
ControlMousePointerTypeRepresents the type of icon displayed as the mouse pointer for the control.
ControlPictureAlignmentTypeRepresents the alignment of the picture inside the Form or Image.
ControlPicturePositionTypeRepresents the location of the control’s picture relative to its caption.
ControlPictureSizeModeRepresents how to display the picture.
ControlScrollBarTypeRepresents the type of scroll bar.
ControlScrollOrientationRepresents type of scroll orientation
ControlSpecialEffectTypeRepresents the type of special effect.
ControlTypeRepresents all type of ActiveX control.
DropButtonStyleRepresents the symbol displayed on the drop button.
InputMethodEditorModeRepresents the default run-time mode of the Input Method Editor.
ShowDropButtonTypeSpecifies when to show the drop button