Class ComboBoxActiveXControl

ComboBoxActiveXControl class

Represents a ComboBox ActiveX control.

public class ComboBoxActiveXControl : ActiveXControl


virtual BackOleColor { get; set; }Gets and sets the ole color of the background.(Inherited from ActiveXControlBase.)
BorderOleColor { get; set; }Gets and sets the ole color of the background.
BorderStyle { get; set; }Gets and set the type of border used by the control.
BoundColumn { get; set; }Represents how the Value property is determined for a ComboBox or ListBox when the MultiSelect properties value (fmMultiSelectSingle).
ColumnCount { get; set; }Represents the number of columns to display in a ComboBox or ListBox.
ColumnWidths { get; set; }Gets and sets the width of the column.
override Data { get; }Gets and sets the binary data of the control.(Inherited from ActiveXControl.)
DropButtonStyle { get; set; }Specifies the symbol displayed on the drop button
EnterFieldBehavior { get; set; }Specifies selection behavior when entering the control. True specifies that the selection remains unchanged from last time the control was active. False specifies that all the text in the control will be selected when entering the control.
Font { get; }Represents the font of the control.(Inherited from ActiveXControl.)
virtual ForeOleColor { get; set; }Gets and sets the ole color of the foreground.(Inherited from ActiveXControlBase.)
virtual Height { get; set; }Gets and sets the height of the control in unit of points.(Inherited from ActiveXControlBase.)
HideSelection { get; set; }Indicates whether selected text in the control appears highlighted when the control does not have focus.
IMEMode { get; set; }Gets and sets the default run-time mode of the Input Method Editor for the control as it receives focus.(Inherited from ActiveXControl.)
virtual IsAutoSize { get; set; }Indicates whether the control will automatically resize to display its entire contents.(Inherited from ActiveXControl.)
virtual IsAutoWordSelected { get; set; }Specifies the basic unit used to extend a selection. True specifies that the basic unit is a single character. false specifies that the basic unit is a whole word.
IsDragBehaviorEnabled { get; set; }Indicates whether dragging and dropping is enabled for the control.
IsEditable { get; set; }Indicates whether the user can type into the control.
IsEnabled { get; set; }Indicates whether the control can receive the focus and respond to user-generated events.(Inherited from ActiveXControl.)
IsLocked { get; set; }Indicates whether data in the control is locked for editing.(Inherited from ActiveXControl.)
IsTransparent { get; set; }Indicates whether the control is transparent.(Inherited from ActiveXControl.)
virtual IsVisible { get; set; }Indicates whether this control is visible.(Inherited from ActiveXControlBase.)
LinkedCell { get; set; }Gets and sets the linked cell.(Inherited from ActiveXControlBase.)
ListFillRange { get; set; }Gets and sets the list fill range.(Inherited from ActiveXControlBase.)
ListRows { get; set; }Represents the maximum number of rows to display in the list.
ListStyle { get; set; }Gets and sets the visual appearance.
ListWidth { get; set; }Gets and set the width in unit of points.
MatchEntry { get; set; }Indicates how a ListBox or ComboBox searches its list as the user types.
MaxLength { get; set; }Gets and sets the maximum number of characters
MouseIcon { get; set; }Gets and sets a custom icon to display as the mouse pointer for the control.(Inherited from ActiveXControlBase.)
MousePointer { get; set; }Gets and sets the type of icon displayed as the mouse pointer for the control.(Inherited from ActiveXControlBase.)
SelectionMargin { get; set; }Indicates whether the user can select a line of text by clicking in the region to the left of the text.
virtual Shadow { get; set; }Indicates whether to show a shadow.(Inherited from ActiveXControlBase.)
ShowColumnHeads { get; set; }Indicates whether column headings are displayed.
ShowDropButtonTypeWhen { get; set; }Specifies the symbol displayed on the drop button
SpecialEffect { get; set; }Gets and sets the special effect of the control.
TextAlign { get; set; }Represents how to align the text used by the control.(Inherited from ActiveXControl.)
TextColumn { get; set; }Represents the column in a ComboBox or ListBox to display to the user.
override Type { get; }Gets the type of the ActiveX control.
Value { get; set; }Gets and sets the value of the control.
virtual Width { get; set; }Gets and sets the width of the control in unit of points.(Inherited from ActiveXControlBase.)
Workbook { get; }Gets the Workbook object.(Inherited from ActiveXControlBase.)

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