DataLabelShapeType enumeration

Specifies the preset shape geometry that is to be used for a chart.

public enum DataLabelShapeType


Name Value Description
Rect 0 Represents the rectangle shape.
RoundRect 1 Represents the round rectangle shape.
Ellipse 2 Represents the ellipse shape.
RightArrowCallout 3 Represents the right arrow callout shape.
DownArrowCallout 4 Represents the down arrow callout shape.
LeftArrowCallout 5 Represents the left arrow callout shape.
UpArrowCallout 6 Represents the up arrow callout shape.
WedgeRectCallout 7 Represents the wedge rectangle callout shape.
WedgeRoundRectCallout 8 Represents the wedge round rectangle callout shape.
WedgeEllipseCallout 9 Represents the wedge ellipse callout shape.
LineCallout 10 Represents the line callout shape.
BentLineCallout 11 Represents the bent line callout shape.
LineWithAccentBarCallout 12 Represents the line with accent bar callout shape.
BentLineWithAccentBarCallout 13 Represents the bent line with accent bar callout shape.
Line 14 This type is only used for special file processing

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