Format3D class

This class specifies the 3D shape properties for a chart element or shape.

public class Format3D


Name Description
LightingAngle { get; set; } Gets and sets the lighting angle. Range from 0 to 359.9 degrees.
SurfaceLightingType { get; set; } Gets and sets the lighting type which is to be applied to the scene of the shape. Default value is LightRigType.ThreePoint.
SurfaceMaterialType { get; set; } Gets and sets the material type which is combined with the lighting properties to give the final look and feel of a shape. Default value is PresetMaterialType.WarmMatte.
TopBevel { get; } Gets the object that holds the properties associated with defining a bevel on the top or front face of a shape.


Name Description
HasTopBevelData() Indicates if the shape has top bevel data.

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