ShapeCollection.AddActiveXControl method

Creates an Activex Control.

public Shape AddActiveXControl(ControlType type, int topRow, int top, int leftColumn, int left, 
    int width, int height)
Parameter Type Description
type ControlType The type of the control.
topRow Int32 Upper left row index.
top Int32 Represents the vertical offset of Shape from its left row, in unit of pixel.
leftColumn Int32 Upper left column index.
left Int32 Represents the horizontal offset of Shape from its left column, in unit of pixel.
height Int32 Represents the height of Shape, in unit of pixel.
width Int32 Represents the width of Shape, in unit of pixel.


//add an ActiveX control
Shape activeXControl = shapes.AddActiveXControl(Aspose.Cells.Drawing.ActiveXControls.ControlType.CheckBox, 1, 0, 1, 0, 100, 50);

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